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Rug trends changed a lot in the past years. People started going with more mono-toned, high piled, modern rugs. But now ever-changing trends have gone back to the old traditional Persian rugs. Persian rugs have made their place in the market with some new designs. They are known for their intricate patterns, unique weaving style, and vibrant colors. Persian and oriental rugs are often used interchangeably. It is safe to say that Persian rugs are a form of oriental rugs as Oriental rugs is a more generic term for rugs like these. These Persian rugs are known for their beauty and are used in every room of the house to give a royal feel to it. These rugs, in their pure quality, are hard to find but are a perfect addition to any home. The best artisans in the world combine organic and thoughtful colors and patterns to create these beautiful artifacts. This blog discusses all the reasons as to why you should have these Persian Rugs in your home. But before we do that let’s get into the depth of Persian rugs.


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Persian Rugs were weaved in pre-Christian times in Persia and the Orient, East Asian areas.  The worth of these rugs was realized in the middle ages by the  European parts. The nomads that used to weave these rugs for their everyday use introduced these to every part of the world. Today, a house is considered incomplete without these Persian rugs.

Making of the Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs are made through a very gentle process. A variety of knotting and weaving styles are used to create these designs. The process of weaving starts from the picking of the most common material used for weaving these rugs- Wool. Sheep’s wool is the most commonly used material for the Persian rugs. The process of weaving goes as below

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  • Wool cleaning and Carding

The wool that is collected to make the rugs is cleaned thoroughly. It is washed and dried for the process of carding. Carding is the process of disentanglement and intermixing of the wool fibers. Carded wool is then spun (a process of twisting the fibers to create a bobbin) and then plied (the process of creating a strong and balanced thread with the help of two or more threads) to create threads for the weaving of the Persian Rug.


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  • Dyeing

After the thread is plied, it is dyed using chemicals. The threads are colored with different dyes and is set for the weaving. The dyeing is done using different materials. Some weavers even use insects for the process. RugKnots uses chemical dyes to obtain beautiful colors in the threads.

  • Warping and wefting

The dyed thread is then warped into a fabric. Threads are held stationary in the longitudinal and latitudinal form while another thread is crossed across to bind them. The warp is stretched in a loom and the warping thread is used to define the structure of the whole fabric. A thin weft and a thick weft thread will come after one another over the warp. The wefts and warps are combed to set them in places.  

  • Felting

The wool fibers are agitated to form a condensed matted and pressed fabric. This process interlocks the fibers and forms a tight mat. This process is also used in the arts and crafts process. 


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Patterns of Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are known for their beautiful and unique patterns but did you know the patterns weaved in these rugs have their own identity? Yes! Some of the most common patterns that are used in these rugs are

  • Buteh

This pattern is the most common among all the Persian rug patterns. Also known as buta, it is a pine shaped pattern with a sharply curved end. This pattern was originated in Persia and is now also taken up by many other cultures. This pattern is not only found in rugs but also shawls and even curtains today. 

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  • Herati

Herati is a geometric design with one flower and 4 leaves that flows around the carpet to create a beautiful design all around. This design is based on a Mongolian-Turkish design.


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  • Gul

Gul is a medallion-like design of the Persian rugs and traditional hand made carpets use this pattern in the making. Gul pattern is repeated in the rugs to create a mesmerizing design. It was called the print of the elephant’s foot. This pattern is being used in cloth patterns and bags as well. 

  • Mina Khani

This design is very common in Persian rugs. The pattern has a main palmette surrounded by a circular vine and eight flowers. This pattern is repeated in the rugs to create one beautiful field. Mina Khani is classified as a lattice design and the flowers resemble a pomegranate flower from the top. 

True Persian Rug

When choosing a Persian rug, there are certain things you have to keep in mind. The surface of this rug is somewhat flawed when hand sewn. This is due to the manual labor involved in the weaving. When the Persian rug is prepared industrially, it has fringes sewn at the end of it. When choosing a Persian rug seller, make sure it is known for its quality and reliability. RugKnots is a seller of more than 8000 unique rugs with an experience of more than 40 years in the business. Here’s why you should have these beautiful rugs in your home. 


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1. Persian Patterns

The Persian rugs have intricate patterns that make them unique. Thoughtful and authentic patterns are loved and cherished by many. Patterns and textures are full of life and bring positive energy to the interior. The patterns give a happy touch to the room due to their combination of unique colors and detailed designs. The pattern range from the beautiful floral print across the rug to the compartmentalized interlocking designs. These patterns provide an intriguing look and a classical aesthetic to the area.

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 2. The quality material

The material of the Persian rugs is what we can call eco friendly. They are made from the organic materials(wool, cotton, and silk) and, as mentioned earlier, insect-based dyes. These dyes and materials are as pure as they can be. This also makes the material soft for the feet and soothing for the eyes. When hand-knotted, the meticulous rugs are perfect for every room. The genuine Persian rugs have superiority over every machine-made rug that we find in the market today. These rugs, when maintained well, can have a life of thousands of years due to the durable material.  


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3. Powerful colors

The Persian rugs are known for their vibrant colors. They contain transitioning of the colors and textures. Persian rugs mainly contain a trio of colors that is red, blue, and beige. The color trio is also called a “Royal trio” and is used to create rugs of Qum- a royal decorating style manufactured in the city of Qum. This trio is the basic coloring palette of these rugs but the Persian rug range has a very rich and diverse collection of the colors. The colors of Persian rugs come from the nomadic tribe and can provide a subtle look too when combined with a subtle pattern. The colors found in the Persian rugs have boundaries to exist in but harmonize to give one complete look.  

4. Freedom of positioning

The Persian rugs, due to their individual and different styles, can be used anywhere in your homes. They can balance a modern living room of dark furniture with their colors and styles and can also be used as runner rugs in the hallways. The colorful patterns glow up any room of your house. Their elegance in monochrome tones can not be ignored and create visual warmth. When used in a white room with light-colored furniture, these rugs act as a focal point of the room. Expert tip: Remember, when positioned without putting any thought to it, rugs can be a chaotic addition to the place. Always choose a rug considering the room color and the furniture color. 


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5. Comfort and ease

Made from organic elements, Persian rugs provide comfort and ease in every form. Not only the material of these rugs but the colors and the patterns even are a treat to the eyes when matched with the room. They are known for their simplicity and can do wonders when added to a royal room. Persian rugs can add warmth and coziness to any decor. No matter which version of Persian rugs you choose, be it a modern lavish design for your elegant room or traditional design for your royally created room, they will provide comfort to any area and elevate the appearance wherever placed. 
Persian rugs have a distinguished look to them. These rugs flourished during wars, migrations, tribe rivalries, and even commercial impacts. RugKnots brought these designs to provide the aesthetic touch to every interior in the USA. The classical composition scheme adds soul and depth to any place. Every line and every pattern on a Persian rug has a deep meaning to them that RugKnots’s designers embed in every beautiful artifact. To get inspired by these art pieces, take a look at our website or visit us. We are always ready to help you find the perfect piece for your room.


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