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In the world of carpet making, scoring a handmade Persian rug is the ultimate prize! A hand-knotted Persian carpet is an Iranian craft mastered by generations of skilled artisans. So, to buy Persian rugs, you not only need to have an eye for authentic Persian craft but must also have an appreciation for it. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when you set out to buy Persian rugs in the US. When presented with a multitude of patterns, colors, and prices, finding the right Persian rug can be a bit tricky. But worry not because we are here to help! We will equip you with authentic information about the rugs so you can confidently buy Persian rugs online! So, let us help you find the perfect Persian rug for your home!

A Brief History of Persian Rugs

Initially woven out of the need to cover the floors of the homes of nomadic tribes living in Persia more than 2500 years ago, these rugs soon became a prized artifact. The skill and craftsmanship that goes into every piece of Persian rug remain incomparable even after all these years. For generations, artisans have been passing down the art of rug weaving to the next of artisans. And after centuries of war, conquests, and trade, Persian carpets are a highly valued commodity worldwide.

Tips to Buy the Perfect Persian Rugs

Here are some valuable tips on how to buy Persian rugs online!

The Knot Count

The most important feature of an original handmade Persian rug is its knot count. Handwoven on a loom, a high-quality Persian rug will have a minimum of 120 knots per square inch. If you flip the carpet and have a look at the underside, there is a lot you can learn about the knot count and authenticity of a Persian rug. If the rug is original, it will have a soft backing and the knots will be a little irregular in size. This is a clear indication that the carpet is hand-knotted. Machine-made rugs have uniform knots. That extra bit of perfection is a clear sign of replicated rugs.

The Material

Original handwoven Persian rugs have wool, silk, or a blended wool/silk construction. The 100% pure silk rugs will have a sleek, glossy finish. However, most weavers use wool to weave rugs. The quality of wool depends on the sheep, the climate, and the time of shearing. Now how to test if a rug is of 100% authentic wool or silk? It is simple. Wool and silk are flame resistant. On the other hand, synthetic fibers, used in weaving replicas of Persian carpets, are highly flammable.

The Color

Most weavers use natural dyes for handwoven Persian rugs. Natural dyes, however, do not penetrate the fibers of the rug evenly. And that is how you can differentiate a naturally dyed rug from an artificially dyed one. Bend the carpet and have a look at individual fibers of the rug. If the color has evenly sunk in, it is artificial, if it has not, it is a natural dye. Now you know how to spot a fake Persian rug. Keep these tips in mind when you buy Persian rugs in the US! Let us now learn the secret behind that hefty price tag on hand-knotted Persian rugs.

Why Is It So Expensive to Buy Persian Rugs?

When you buy Persian rugs, you get what you pay for. Yet, people often complain about the massive price tags these rugs carry. So, what makes a Persian rug so expensive? Three factors make a Persian rug an expensive purchase.

  • Artistic Value
  • Complex Weave
  • High-Quality Materials

Let us briefly explore each of these factors:

Artistic Value

Persian carpets are a representation of Persian art and culture. These rugs have been around for over 2,500 years. Each handmade Persian rug is a masterpiece created by a seasoned Persian weaver with patterns and weaving techniques that are the hallmark of Persian culture. Persian carpets are an expression of Persian history; for that reason alone, they have immense artistic value.

Complex Weave

Made from thousands of tiny asymmetrical Sennhknots woven by hand, Persian rugs have an intricate weave. The designs and patterns on these rugs are difficult to achieve and are a work of art very few can master. Generations of Persian weavers have invested time and effort to master the skill of weaving Persian carpets by hand. If you visit a rug store to buy Persian rugs, you will notice the dense and lush knots and realize they could only be a work of an expert weaver.

High-Quality Materials

It is not an authentic hand-knotted Persian rug if its material lacks quality. Persian carpets use high-quality materials that are durable and outlast generations! Wool, silk, cotton, or jute – all the materials used in the making of Persian mats surpass synthetic fibers in quality. Every time you buy Persian rugs, you will see a unique blend of colors, designs, and unparalleled artistry that make Persian carpets the most expensive in today’s rug market. But if these rugs are so expensive, then why buy Persian rugs in the US?

Why Should You Buy Persian Rugs?

Here are five reasons why a Persian rug is worth your money!

Antique Persian Rugs Are Incomparable in Their Beauty

You walk into a room decorated with a Persian rug, and suddenly you can notice little else but that piece of antique finery. That is why people invest so much money in Persian rugs – they catch your eye. Persian carpets are statement pieces that perfectly complement antique and traditional décor. To buy Persian rugs online is like going on a treasure hunt, one with a very satisfying end.

Persian Carpets Are an Investment

Persian carpets last for generations! Many families pass these rugs to their children as heirloom pieces. There is no way you could treasure a machine-made rug for decades because it wears out within a few short years. Persian handmade rugs are durable art pieces, and their value only multiplies with time. So, when you buy a Persian rug, you are making an actual investment – like real estate.

Persian Carpets Are Authentic Pieces of Art

Owning a Persian rug is a lot like owning a painting, except it is cozy and keeps you warm. No two Persian rugs are ever the same. Each piece is a unique blend of intricate designs and borders. They bring beauty, comfort, and tradition to your home!

Persian Carpets Make Your Place Look Homey and Lived-In

Rugs are for comfort. And a carpet that promises beauty, comfort, and a timeless appeal is a Persian rug. The heavy base and dense fibers of the rug will keep you warm. They will make your place look cozy and more lived-in. Hardwood flooring and bare walls are great, but a Persian rug will bring genuine comfort to your home.

Persian Carpets Are Timeless

An authentic handmade Persian rug will never go out of style! Trends come and go, but Persian mats are still a highly-valued artifact worldwide. For over a millennium, rug lovers have been collecting and decorating their homes with beautiful Persian rugs. Just like diamonds, Persian rugs are a fashion statement that is there to stay.

It is always a gamble to buy Persian rugs online. But when equipped with all the little facts you now know about Persian carpets, rug shopping is an experience you will definitely enjoy! To start you off, we recommend you first check out RugKnots’ Persian rug collection and explore our collection of authentic Persian mats. Go ahead then, buy Persian rugs, and bring art and tradition to your living room. Until next time!

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