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As the feet of the primitive people touched the cold floor, they felt the need to separate themselves from the Earth’s chilly surface. Thus, they introduced the idea of carpets. Today everyone is looking to buy jute rugs and many other types of rugs. Although at first, they were merely animal hides, yet as time went by, a more sophisticated cover was made from products like jute, wool, etc. Even though there are a thousand types of carpets and rugs present in the market, still interior decorators recommend buying jute rugs. Yet the question remains, why? Before moving on to the main topic, I would like to clarify the difference between a carpet and a rug. A rug is a small version of a carpet, usually used as a centerpiece to glamorize the appearance of a room whereas a carpet covers the whole floor and is heavier as compared to a rug.


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Why Buy Jute Rugs?

Around 3000 BC, the weaving of the first rug was in Egypt, and soon the mesmerizing looks of that very rug compelled its audience to buy one for themselves, and like this, the first spark to the widespread love for rugs was lit. Today rugs several fibers like seagrass, sisal, nylon, etc., yet rugs made of the golden fiber or the jute are the preference for the manufacture of rugs. Following are seven reasons why professional interior decorators recommend to buy jute rugs:

1.      Overall Looks and Feel of a Jute Rug:

Jute rugs manufacture soon started to be in India, using a special type of fiber known as “The Jute.” The beautiful golden color of a jute rug captured the attention of its spectators, making them feel lost in the novelty woven RugKnots of the beautiful golden rug. The natural golden shine and the property of a jute rug to look good with any type of decor is one of the biggest reasons why every year hundreds of people buy jute rugs in the US and all over the world to ornament their houses. Apart from the mesmerizing looks of a jute rug, the soothing feel and the unique texture of a jute rug sets it apart from all the other types of rugs. Making Jute rugs requires high care from the skin of a jute plant, which makes it comfortable to walk on. In contrast to rugs made up of synthetic fibers, jute rugs are prettier and full of character. Even though some jute rugs can feel scratchy yet with the addition of a few other fibers, jute rugs can be extremely soft. A good number of home decorators recommend buying jute rugs because of their unique ability to look good no matter where one places them. Furthermore, various manufacturing companies have introduced hundreds of new designs that further enhances the beauty of these rugs.


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2.      Jute Rugs Are Economical: 

If you are a budget-friendly person looking for a rug, then you should buy a jute rug instead of rugs made up of other fibers. Jute rugs are very cheap as compared to other rugs. Even though the rich golden color of a jute rug makes it look expensive, yet the average price of a jute rug can range around $30 to a few thousand dollars. The price may vary from store to store, for example, if you buy a jute rug online, it may be cheaper as compared to buying one from a store. Jute is one of the most important and versatile fibers after cotton. India alone produces 1,986,000 tons of jute annually. After the initial production of jute yarn, it is also a material used to make clothes, packaging materials, curtains, and carpets. The high manufacturing rate of jute products is the reason it is reasonable when it comes to its price. As jute rugs are relatively durable and easy to clean, if taken care of properly, they can survive and maintain their shine for up to several years. Moreover, as the unique design of the jute rugs looks good with almost any type of decor, you can buy a jute rug on sale and decorate your house at a low price. If you are still a bit uncertain about buying a jute rug, you can buy a jute rug on sale for a much lower cost and witness its magical powers. If you are a citizen of the United States, you buy your jute rug in the US online, or you can order jute rugs online on sale.


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3.      Medical Benefits of Buying A Jute Rug:

According to an Arabian proverb, “He who has health has hope, and who has hope has everything.” To live a healthy life is a dream of every human being present on this planet, yet due to the fast-paced industrialization, we humans often compromise on health. Although a lot of us do not have the time or the energy to take care of ourselves yet changing a few things around us like using warm water or buying jute rugs, for example, can drastically improve one’s health. Along with the bewitching looks of a Jute rug, it also traps dust particles and provides a low allergy environment. Dust particles can be dangerous, as they are a cause of various respiratory diseases. Jute rugs are soundproof; therefore, one can easily walk on them without making any noise. This comes handy when your loved one is deeply asleep, and you do not want to wake them up by walking around. A jute rug is a twine rug and is anti-static; thus, every time you walk on, it gives your feet a soothing massage that relaxes you. This is one of the biggest reasons why people buy jute rugs instead of rugs made of coir and sisal.


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4.      The durability of A Jute Rug:

Durability is one of the most important factors; almost every customer needs a durable product. The durability of every rug depends on different factors, some of them are the strength of its fibers, quality, producing company, their number of RugKnots, etc. When it comes to jute rugs, they are one of the most durable rugs present in the market. Therefore, most of the people prefer to buy jute rugs. Jute rugs consist of natural fiber that's why jute rugs are soft, smooth, and long-lasting. Jute rugs are never going to go out of style due to their heavy-duty properties. Other than that, with time, the jute rugs become softer and smoother. Let us compare the durability of jute rugs with other rugs. The beautiful shiny golden color of a Jute rug is permanent and long-lasting as compared to other rugs whose color deforms over time, and depends upon the usage of rugs. You can use jute rugs in busy places like in your office etc., while other rugs do not do good in high traffic areas. No matter if you buy a jute rug online or order a jute rug from a store near your hometown, the durability of a jute rug will be the same.


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5.      Jute Rugs are Environmentally Friendly:

With the dawn of the 20th century, man became aware of the harmful effects of his creations on the environment. There was a need to cut down the production of things that could have lethal effects on the environment. Various rugs made of synthetic fibers are extremely harmful to the environment, as the production of synthetic fibers releases different chemicals into the atmosphere. When they wear out, they are not biodegradable. Environmental experts recommend and prefer to buy jute rugs and other rugs made up of natural fibers. Jute rugs have up of 100% natural fibers and do not require heavy machinery that emits a lot of greenhouse gases, for its production. Jute rugs are biodegradable, as its fibers mostly cellulose and lignin. Thus, jute rugs degrade without leaving any harmful effects. You can order jute rugs online too.


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6.      Maintenance of A Jute Rug:

Maintenance is essential for everything you have, even the human body, needs support. When you are feeling ill, you go to see a doctor for your proper treatment or, in other words, for the maintenance of your body. Rugs are part of your home decoration. After some years, your rugs will require maintenance. The maintenance of jute rugs is quite easy. You can easily maintain a jute rug without knowing any special skills. Moreover, the maintenance of a jute rug is cheap. This is another reason people prefer to buy jute rugs instead of any other. There are some simple ways you can follow to maintain your jute rugs. Properly Vacuuming your rugs twice or thrice a week, is the simplest way to manage your jute rugs, but vacuuming cleans the dust only. If there are stains due to an accident, you can clean them by using a soft bristle brush and a few drops of water. Put some water on the stains and smoothly rub on it, but do not use a hard bristle brush. It may damage the jute fibers. Now, if stains are still present on your jute rug, just do one simple step, and immediately, your rug looks like a new one. Put some dry-cleaning powder on the stain and rub it with your hand, or you can use a soft bristle brush. The satin will vanish immediately.


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7.      Jute Rugs and Animals: 

According to a survey, people in the West love animals more than others. Not wild animals, but animals like dogs, cats, etc. people in the US love to have a pet with them. That is why they buy jute rugs for their pets, as jute rugs are more pet-friendly as compared to other mats. Some of the most prominent reasons for buying jute rugs are below. Jute rugs are made of the skin of the jute plant, and its fibers are smooth and soft. All of us know that pets love a comfortable place for their living. While on the other hand, if people use carpets for pets, carpet is hard and rough. That is why people prefer to buy jute rugs. Jute rugs become smoother over time. Most of the jute rugs are of dark colors and the property of a jute rug to absorb liquids and hides most of the stains. So, if your dog or cat pee on a jute rug, the jute has an amazing quality to hold order in it. It is best to buy jute rugs for your pets. Also, it is easy to clean your jute rugs. Your pet gets the freedom to play on jute rugs, and you need not worry about its shine. If you provide your pet a piece of jute, he will love it. Most people buy jute rugs in the US for their animals. Since the inception of the first jute rug in India, Jute rugs took over the carpet industry like wildfire. The shimmering golden color and the durability of a jute rug makes it stand out.

Today, Jute rugs are one of the most fashionable and easy to maintain products that you can use to decorate your house. A good number of interior decorators agree to buy jute rugs because of their unique character and its adaptability to fit with any type of decor without competing with their design. So, the question now remains when are you buying your jute rug online? And the answer is, RugKnots! Buy your favorite rugs from us and you wont't be left disappointed. 


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