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It's incredible how a single piece of decor can quickly change a drab and uninspiring space into something vibrant. The striking presence of a high-quality rug in an interior enriches it in a variety of ways, from adding color to giving warmth and energy to a space. Rugs are regarded as a fundamental aspect of modern interior design, just like your valued furniture pieces and distinctive furnishings, because they are equally important in creating attractive places. While there are many different types of oriental rugs available on the market today, Oriental Rugs near me. These rugs, which are adorned with beautiful designs and sophisticated themes, are sure to add refinement and luxury to your home. They are unique in vibrant colors and intricate designs, but also because of the flawless craftsmanship that goes into them.

Modern oriental rugs for living room are also noted for their ability to withstand the test of time, as they add timeless beauty to rooms while also providing a lasting piece of history. They will never go out of style and may be used in any interior, regardless of the current design style. A rug can serve as a solid basis for constructing a space's overall appearance. It may appear difficult to incorporate it into existing decor, but thanks to the numerous options available on the market, it is actually rather simple. Selecting the perfect area rug for your house can be difficult because there are so many styles to choose from, including a wide range of patterns and colors. But don't worry, because we're here to assist you in determining which Oriental rug is appropriate for your home.

Do you want to know the tips, how to make an Oriental rug stand out in your home? We look at some ideas for using oriental rugs to instantly enhance your home's décor.

1. Leave A Classy Foundation In Your Living Room

By laying down a beautiful Oriental rug, you can instantly make any area feel polished yet appealing. Because it's a natural entertainment zone, the first room that springs to mind is most likely your living room. Adding one of these classic rugs will be sure to get you a lot of praises from your friends and visitors. Pair a traditional Oriental rug with sleek furniture and metallic elements to keep your area looking current. Alternatively, you can complement the historical look of your rug with traditional furniture pieces such as King Louis armchairs and elaborate end tables. Just make sure you get the ideal size area rug for your space.

13 Tips For Instant Transformation in Your Home Décor With Oriental Rugs 

2. Let Your Bedroom Decor Be Dictated By A Traditional Style Rug

Allow an Oriental rug to do the job for you if you're having trouble deciding how to design your bedroom. A huge Oriental area rug can serve as both a floor covering and a gorgeous piece of art. With neutral bedding and a few colored throw pillows that match the Oriental design, you can keep the focus on the rug. Decorate with wall art and knick knacks that match your rug's coloring and patterns, or let your rug inspire your room's style. Oriental rugs can be used in any room design, depending on the accessories you choose. An Oriental rug softens the area, and lucite nightstands and shiny gold picture frames help to glam it up. If you want to go for a more traditional look, add a wingback accent chair and a porcelain table lamp to your bedroom.

Let your bedroom decor be dictated by a traditional style rug 

3. Use Layering Patterns To Give Your Design Depth And Dimension

Oriental rugs come in stunning colors and textures that are ideal for creating contrast, depth, and dimension to a room. Using area rugs, window treatments, and upholstery to layer patterns is a great way to do it. Combining patterns can be difficult to carry off since, if done incorrectly, your home can seem visually chaotic. However, with careful application, it is certain to give you a one-of-a-kind room with personality and charm. How do you layer patterns, though?

If you want to be extra creative and adventurous with your design, combine two little traditional rugs to make your home decor even more exciting. Your space will have an unconventional twist thanks to two opposing hues that are contrasted to one other. If you want to mix patterns but don't want to commit to the intensity of stark contrasts, pick a pattern from your soft furnishings to dominate the space. If your room has a strongly patterned wallpaper, go with a traditional rug with modest patterns and gentle hues; if your traditional rug is too "busy" appearing, keep other aspects more muted to retain the room's balance and bring a visual appeal to your living rooms.

Use layering patterns to give your design depth and dimension 

4. Use An Intricate Design To Open Up Your Hallway

Long, tight hallways can cause claustrophobia, but bright colors and large patterns are the perfect antidotes. When you use a vibrant Oriental rug to break up the length of your hall, you won't feel like you've entered a funhouse every time you travel from one end of your home to the other. To open up the room, choose an Oriental rug with a broad pattern. Look for one with three or four huge medallions running down the center, preferably diamond-shaped. The diamond's points will attract the eye from side to side, making your hall appear less small.

Use an Intricate Design to Open Up Your Hallway 

5. Use Your Oriental Rug As A Focal Point In Your Room

One of the most important features of interior design is contrast. A beautiful Oriental rug makes a powerful statement and can be the focal point of your house. Use a highly ornate pattern that stands out in your interior style to draw attention. Persian rugs are ideal for this because of their unique patterns, which can make any room stand out. The addition of pattern to a modern minimalist decor through the use of an Oriental rug adds visual interest and makes your living area more appealing.

Use your Oriental rug as a focal point in your room 

6. Brighten Up Your Baby's Nursery With A Long-Lasting Rug

It's not easy to design your baby's nursery. You should try to pick a theme and decor design that will last them far into toddlerhood, if not longer. Baby rugs with giraffes or the alphabet, as adorable as they are, may only fit your style for a few years. Instead, choose an Oriental rug that will add elegance to the space well into your child's high school years. It can also be a decorative piece for your new guest room once they depart for college. The Oriental rug that you especially choose for your child's nursery now could one day become a nostalgic highlight in their own house.

Brighten Up Your Baby's Nursery With a Long-Lasting Rug 

7. To Liven Up Negative Space, Use Oriental Rugs

Bring neglected locations to life by being inventive with your application. Hallways, foyers, the front of the fireplace or dresser, and the side of your bed are just as significant as any other element of your house. As a result, there's no need to ignore them when it comes to design. Oriental carpets are the quickest method to turn these blemishes into equally lovely parts of your house. Rugs are fashionable decorations that can add an interesting aesthetic component to any room in the house.

To liven up negative space, use Oriental rugs 

8. Use A Decorative Runner To Highlight Your Kitchen's Color Palette

Have you thought of adding a stylish rug to your kitchen? It may seem unusual to carpet an area where most people choose hardwood or tile, but a kitchen rug is a simple way to warm up a room with modern appliances and solid-colored cupboards. Oriental is the way to go when it comes to rugs that look amazing in kitchens. A flatweave Oriental rug is much easier to clean, which is ideal for a room where accidents are likely. Furthermore, the multi-colored patterns effectively disguise stains. To help pull the room together, look for a runner in bright colors that match your kitchen design. Don't forget about the rug pad. Nobody wants to trip while carrying a pot of soup or a roast that has just been braised. Still don't believe you require one?

Use a Decorative Runner to Highlight Your Kitchen's Color Palette 

9. Combining Your Oriental Rug With The Rest Of Your Color Plan Is A Good Idea

Make sure the color of your Oriental rug is related to the overall color palette of your room to produce a harmonious design composition for your decor. Color consistency can be achieved by selecting an undertone in your rug pattern and staying with it throughout the rest of your home. If you want to go with a brown Oriental rug with splashes of green, for example, include accessories like pillows, vases, or artwork that match these colors. If you don't want to deviate from the neutrality of a modern home, use a rug with a light and mild hue to blend in with the rest of the room. This design method creates a subtle combination of decor that connects the area together, whether it's a monochromatic scheme, a complementary combination, or an analogous palette.

Combining your Oriental rug with the rest of your color plan is a good idea 

10. Let Your Personality Shine

Choose oriental rugs that are as basic, vibrant, or unusual as you are to bring off your distinct personality. The golden rule of design, according to someone, is to "live with what you love." You should not decorate for anyone else but yourself. Our store arranges rugs by color and design so you may choose something you like that fits your style.

Let Your Personality Shine 

11. Enjoy The Material

The best hand-knotted Oriental rugs feature piles made of wool, silk, or a combination of the two. Cotton, wool, or silk could be used as the carpet's foundation. Whether you're looking for Persian or Oriental carpets, the materials are comparable. Silk oriental rugs are glossy and luxurious to the touch. Wool, on the other hand, no doubt is the most common material used by Oriental carpet weavers. The top weavers utilize carpet wool from New Zealand or Tibet. Synthetic fibers, which are sometimes mistaken for wool or silk, have a distinct distinction that sets them apart from the genuine material of handcrafted carpets. Synthetic materials are extremely flammable and produce lint, but silk and wool are flame-resistant. So, before you buy an Oriental rug, double-check that it is made of real materials.

Enjoy the  Material 

12. Bring Natural Dye Colors

The next of our Oriental rug buying advice is to choose a rug with natural dye. Natural dyes are used in traditional Oriental rugs. The colors come from nature, such as red cochineal insects, blue indigo plants, pink avocado shells and seeds, greyish-black blackberries, and so on. Natural dyes merely tint the surface, whereas synthetic fibers have a fine, uniform penetration potential. You'll notice a lack of color homogeneity if you bend the carpet at different angles and extract a few fibers. Natural colors last longer, look more attractive, and are also environmentally safe! They give the rug a vibrant, antique definition that you won't find with artificial dyes. They've made a reappearance in rug fashion in recent years.

Bring Natural Dye Colors 

13. Combine Oriental And Contemporary Rugs

Oriental rugs, contrary to common opinion, do not just suit classic and traditional influenced homes but may also be employed in a range of room settings, regardless of your home's prevailing design. Whether it comes in an intricately detailed rug masterpiece or a simple geometric patterned rug, an Oriental rug will undoubtedly find its way into working in a contemporary setting by either bringing a strong design focal point or by blending harmoniously with all the other textures in the modern interior. Modern homes benefit from antique and vintage oriental rugs since they stand out when placed in a minimalist environment. Incorporating an Oriental rug into a modern environment also requires using it to define the space before adding traditional decorations like a vintage wooden chest or a brass candelabra. To produce a modern vibe, pair it with streamlined and unadorned modern furniture. Traditional rugs are given a more modern look by combining styles.

Combine oriental and contemporary rugs

Another option is to use Oriental rugs with geometric patterns and designs. Because it emphasizes forms and shapes, the modern style frequently corresponds to these types of designs. More organic shapes, such as wavy patterns, semicircular forms, or curved lines, can be used in current styles. An Oriental rug can smoothly adapt to the interiors of any home, regardless of the predominant style.


That's all there is to it for the time being! The great aspect of buying an Oriental rug is how its intricate design, brilliant colors, and rich texture have entirely altered your living room when you lay it out on the floor. When your rug brings out all of the unique features of your furniture, you know you've chosen the ideal one. We hope that our Oriental rug buying advice provided all of the assistance you required in finding the ideal Oriental carpet for your house! When in doubt, RugKnots carpet store is the place to go! We'd like to assist you with your decorating requirements. If you're still unhappy after receiving your new area rug rugs, send us an email at info@rugknots.com or call us at (301) 660-7046, and we'll be pleased to discuss any issues with you personally if anything is unclear. You can also read or look through a variety of home décor blogs.

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