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Rugs are, without a question, a significant financial investment. If you missed part one of our rug-buying advice, click here to read about some of the most prevalent Moroccan Berber rugs. Today, we'll go over things to look for before you buy a handwoven Moroccan rug to make sure it's precisely what you're looking for. There are many styles of Moroccan Rugs on the market, but not all of them fit into the contemporary style. If you're looking for a new rug that will bring your living room decor to life and make it look more modern, then this blog post is perfect for you! Keep reading below to learn more about how you can buy a contemporary styled rug and what they entail. If you're looking for a contemporary style Moroccan rug to spice up your home, then this post is for you. Here are 14 tips that will help you find the perfect rug for any room in your house!

1. Determine The Type Of Fabric: Cotton, Wool, Or Silk

It is critical to understand the rug's material before investing in a genuine hand woven rug. Cotton, natural sheep wool, or cactus silk can be used to make authentic Moroccan Berber handmade rugs. Cactus silk, unlike silkworm silk, is a vegan textile derived from the yucca plant, which is native to Morocco. It's a durable material, and rugs made with it will keep up in a high-traffic environment. The durability and longevity of a rug made of natural fibers are two advantages. A rug made of natural fibers may shed a little bit over time, but a rug made of synthetic fibers will begin to fall apart after a few years as the fibers dissolve. Holding a lighter up to the fringe is a quick test to see if your rug is composed of natural fibers. Natural fibers such as wool, cotton, and cactus silk do not burn like synthetic fibers found in shops. You've got a genuine fiber rug if it doesn't catch fire.

2.Check To See If The Rug's Size Will Work In Your Room

What is the size of the area where you want to place your rug? If you're buying a rug from a Moroccan dealer, get conversion software (we prefer this one for iPhone) and make sure you know the area in centimeters as well! Rugs are rarely created to order, and due to the scale of handlooms, it can be difficult to find the exact size you require. Instead, concentrate on finding a design and color scheme that you like. If you locate something that isn't quite the right size, you can always put a handwoven rugs on top of a jute rug to add depth to your space. Don't worry if a trip to Morocco isn't in the cards for you right now, but you still want to buy a Berber rug. We love to assist you in finding your right rug, in addition to the rug collections we have on our website. Simply send us an email with the size, colors, and style of rug you're looking for, and we'll assist you in finding it. Please let us know if we can assist you.

The sizes of woven rugs were significantly impacted by the movement of Moroccan tribes from one location to another. Rug sizes typically vary from 5-7 feet wide and 3-10 meters long to ensure convenience and comfort when traveling, but they can usually be adjusted if you have a tiny area, for example, and need to fit a certain item into it.

3. Examine The Colors

Berber rugs are known for their vibrant colors, and each tribe favors distinct hues over others. Natural dyes are usually only found in Vintage Rugs older than fifty years, but modern dyes can also produce stunning results. Both natural and synthetic colors are prone to fading. Fading is a given when Berber rugs are exposed to the sun. You can be sure that vintage rugs have faded as much as newer carpets, whereas the color in newer carpets may fade with age. Because the wool is dyed in small batches and may have slight variations, the colors in larger pieces may vary slightly from one end to the other. These color features are highly prized in handwoven rugs, as they distinguish each piece.

4. Is It A Brand-New Or Old Item?

Is the rug new, or has it been antiqued to seem vintage? Remember that well-crafted vintage items will command a higher price. Hanging fresh carpets in the sun can make them appear aged, but looking at the underside, whose colors will likely stay brilliant if it is young, is an obvious giveaway.

5. Mixing Neutrals & Colors

The RugKnots trellis rug basic, the neutral aesthetic has been a solid favorite among interior designers, stylists, and home décor enthusiasts. Natural wool fibers vide a basic, elegant aesthetic that works well in homes with muted color schemes. But what if your house is a mixture of colors and quirky furnishings? What if you're not a fan of minimalism? The good news is that RugKnots rugs can be used in any house style. The natural neutral tints of the wool can be utilized to tie a combination of bright colors together, or their basic geometric motifs can be used to create a focal point in a minimalist lovers' space. A raw, contemporary effect can be achieved by placing a soft, white tribal Beni rug against a backdrop of earthy colors. To create a truly artsy vibe, add some plants and trendy wall hangings. Colors have starting to be included in modern style rugs, which might work well if you want the quality and name of a RugKnots but with a splash of color.

6. Retro And Mid-Century Modern Styles

Vintage Moroccan rugs have their stylistic origins in mid-century contemporary design. Mid-century modern furniture, as well as pieces influenced by it, is now another popular trend that has been growing for some years. Only today is it possible to combine modern and old design styles. Moroccan-style rugs are the ideal way to combine modern and vintage elements in your home. They combine old and modern features in a way that is perfectly in tune with current design trends. The great thing about modern style trends is that you don't have to commit to one look for the rest of your life. You are free to mix and combine. Having the appropriate rug to pull it all together is crucial to maintaining a consistent look. Modern Moroccan-style rugs provide you the freedom to break the norms in order to create the perfect look for you.

7. Examine The Shape Of The Rug By Laying It Flat.

Because these handcrafted rugs are woven on a non-commercial handloom (rather than a manufacturing machine), they will not be perfectly round. The rug is typically somewhat larger at the top, where the weavers began the rug, and narrower at the bottom, but not to the point where the weave is loose. Morocco's peculiar environment necessitated the creation of thicker rugs for colder areas at higher heights, such as the highlands. Furthermore, in hotter climates with low elevations, such as the Sahara desert, thinner and flatweave cloaks were used. The Beni Ourain tribe, for example, utilized sheep wool to construct a thicker antique Moroccan rug. The Atlas Mountains' frigid temperature necessitated the creation of this unique rug to keep them warm. Moroccan rugs are lighter and thinner to cope with the scorching environment of the Sahara Desert.

8. Industrial, Ultra-Modern, And Minimalist Styles

Moroccan rugs were utilized by designers in the mid-twentieth century to soften the lines of sleek rooms and modern furniture. The furniture's minimalist legs freed up additional interior design space, prompting designers to employ rugs and carpets to bring color and texture to the area. These furniture patterns are again resurfacing in ultramodern and industrial designs. Modern Moroccan-style rugs can soften the look and add a homey touch to a modern steel and glass building, or perhaps an ancient warehouse. Many modern Moroccan-style carpets have a graphic design vibe and use high-contrast colors, making them ideal for ultra modern home designs. These stunning works of art are increasingly being used as a focal point in minimalist environments.

9. Minimalist Goals – RugKnots

When it comes to minimalist or monochrome interior styling, an authentic RugKnots pattern should be at the top of the 'must have' list. Traditional Berber designs may easily blend in with neutral surroundings, offering a touch of warmth where it's needed. They go nicely in homes with clean lines and polished surfaces because of their plain un-dyed tribal or geometric designs. Use them as area rugs in family homes in need of a sophisticated fashioned appeal, or style them in contemporary city flats for a voguish effect. While some people have a creative mind and  seem to be born with the ability to style their homes and visualize specific pieces of furniture, wall hangings, or rugs in specific places, others may require a little extra help from inspiring home décor photographs and websites in order to fully appreciate an item's potential. Moroccan rugs could be one of them. You may have spent hours surfing the internet for the ideal rug, but you can't picture it in your house. How does a traditional neutral RugKnots rug fit into a vibrant metropolitan apartment? What kind of home would a vividly colored contemporary rug be appropriate for? How do you think you'd be able to make it work? To assist you, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite Moroccan rugs.

10. Designs From The Present Day

Do you have bohemian accessories, bold artwork, and colorful decor in your home? Are you looking for a rug that will mix in with a colorful décor while maintaining a boho vibe? In this scenario, our variety of designs provides a number of "go-to" rugs. Their abstract designs, mixed with multicolored patterns, provide the splash of color you're looking for. Whether you're looking for a runner, a bathroom rug, or a large area rugs for your living room, these rugs may add a pop of color to your space. Moroccan-style rugs are all one-of-a-kind, with no two rugs looking identical. They are handwoven by tribal expert women who blend symbolic languages and personal experiences/ personal info into the rugs with their hands. The ultimate goal is to tell the stories of the creators. In addition, the tribe is an important feature of these rugs. These berber tribes also provide a variety of Moroccan-style rugs.

11. Examine The Fringe And Edges

Uneven edges can also appear in handwoven rugs, as the loom strings may loosen or tighten over time while the rug is made. When looking at the rug flat, make sure the edges aren't wavy and that the weave is evenly knotted throughout. To keep your rug from fraying into the weave, make sure it has a completed fringe at the top and bottom.

12. Nature-Inspired And Eco-Chic Style

For numerous years, eco-chic and designs inspired by Mother Nature have been trendy. It's a trend that's gaining traction, and it's being blended into a variety of other design styles. The colors and basic motifs of modern Moroccan-style rugs reflect the spirit of the outdoors. They're the ideal foundation for layering woven baskets, textile art, natural wood finishes, and a plethora of plants to create a relaxing, nature-inspired refuge. Earthy home colors combined with vibrant contemporary themes can give a room a new look. The rug's natural wool color foundation of whites and creams can soften the rug's vibrant and striking motifs, allowing for a seamless combination of colors. A space can be transformed into a peaceful organic hideaway by adding deep green plants, natural grass pot baskets, and wicker or rattan furniture. Feel yourself surrender to the peacefulness of the atmosphere by lighting a lavender or eucalyptus scented candle.

13. Examine The Weaving On The Rug's Backside

At a corner, lift up the back of the carpet. Any flaws, such as irregular or uneven knots or even a hole, should be looked for. If a carpet is woven by hand, it will never be perfect. A carpet that is completely consistent and has no flaws shouts factory made! Double-check that the knots, while irregular, are tight and even once you've glanced at the back of the carpet. It's too loose if you can fit your finger through it.

14. Contemporary And One-Of-A-Kind

Many modern Moroccan-style rugs have a high pile height and the same softness as the vintage originals that they were inspired by. The wonderful thing about today's style is that you may mix and match your favorite pieces to create a spacious space that reflects your personality. Moroccan-type rugs from today allow you to mix rustic and country farmhouse characteristics with contemporary or any other style. That is one of the reasons why these lovely and inspiring pieces have become as much of a design mainstay as their historical forerunners.

Artists draw inspiration from the past and merge it with new ideas to produce distinctive, modern pieces. Moroccan-style rugs of the current era draw patterns and textures from antique classics, but the artisans breathe fresh life into them with vibrant backgrounds that complement modern palettes. They are also available in room sizes that are appropriate for modern construction. RugKnots has a lovely assortment of modern Moroccan-inspired carpets that are ideal for any style.

NOTE: Visit our Moroccan collection and many more to discover what else RugKnots has to offer, with over 8000 unique alternatives to pick from. This is simply the tip of the iceberg; RugKnots' platform is brimming with cultural diversity. You've come to the exact site if you're looking for buying area rugs online. RugKnots offers the most competitive prices on all things that fit your budget. You can reach the RugKnots team  by phone at (301) 660-7046 or email at if you have a query regarding a certain color, pattern, scale, form, or material while ordering online at RugKnots.

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