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Persia is the birthplace of not only the ancient art of hand-knotted carpets but also civilization, as we know it! Read this complete guide written by RugKnots Professionals and ask any questions in the comments below. We make it easier and worthwhile for you to buy Persian rugs and other rugs. The world of Persian rugs is so confusing! Right? How to know the difference between Persian Rugs and Oriental Rugs? How to tell if it is an authentic Persian Rug? Is a Persian Rug better than an Oriental rug? What is the difference between oriental rugs versus Persian rugs?

Persian Rugs Vs Oriental Rugs

What Is Persian Rug?

A Persian rug is a carpet, produced in Iran, modern-day Persia. Persia is the birthplace of the ancient art we are talking about as hand-knotted carpets! People typically consider the Persian area rugs as high in quality, because Iran is famous for producing intricate rugs with high knot counts. Because the rug artists in Iran are so skilled at their craft, they can create incredibly detailed rugs with impressive precision. People have sought antique Persian rugs for centuries! These carpets are never going out of style! However, in the modern-day, the U.S. has placed trade sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran. This, unfortunately, means that dealers in the U.S. cannot legally sell products produced in Iran. When you find a rug advertised as a "Persian rug," this means that:

      • That rug was brought into the U.S. illegally or;
      • The sellers are mismarking the rug to reel in a high price or–
      • The rug was brought into the U.S. before the sanctions

The sanctions began in 1987. Antique rugs indeed exist on the market, and they were imported into the U.S. before the sanctions. However, if the piece is new, or not verified, or dated older than 1987, BEWARE! You could become involved in something illegal, and you do not want to be involved.

What is Persian Rug?

What Is An Oriental Rug?

All Persian rugs are Persian Oriental rugs, but not all Oriental rugs are Persian rugs. There are other types as well which include Bokhara and Zeigler rugs. An Oriental rug is a rug crafted in any of the "Oriental" countries other than western Iran. Before the Persian practice spread, a rug made in Persia was often considered superior to any other rug crafted in the Orient. The secret of the Persian Knot has spread throughout to rug artisans all over the world. Moreover, the key to a Persian rug lies with its knot style, not the country where it was crafted.

What Is an Oriental Rug

Difference Between Persian And oriental Rugs

      1. The bottom of the rug is an exact mirror image of the top pile
      2. The bottom is soft and the same material as the top pile
      3. You can visibly count the knots per square inch
      4. The fringe is a part of the rug’s construction. It is not sewn or glued on Hand-Tufted Rugs.
      5. Fringe is glued or sewn on
      6. There is a canvas or piece of cotton on the bottom of the rug
Difference between Persian and oriental rugs

Cost Of Persian & Oriental Rugs

At RugKnots, we do not up-charge for the word Persian, and we are a factory direct supplier. We do not have to pay a middleman so you do not pay a middleman! The two pieces are made of the same material, use the same techniques, are the same size, and even have a similar design, yet because the 1st dibs piece is Persian, it reels in a price of almost 10x that of the RugKnots Oriental rug.

100 Best Persian Rugs & Oriental Rugs For 2021

Everyone loves to decorate their home with beautiful rugs. There are many different styles of oriental and Persian rugs that can be chosen to achieve any design look, theme, or taste for anyone who wants a new home decor idea. The best Persian Rugs and Oriental Rugs are hard to find. But you don't need to search for hours, because we have done the work for you! In this blog post, we present 100 of the best Persian and Oriental Rugs available in 2024. We've narrowed down our selection by looking at a variety of factors including quality, affordability, color palette, pattern type, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Persian Rugs And Oriental Rugs

1. What Is So Special About Persian Rugs?

Persian rugs are truly exceptional in every aspect, as each element contributes to their unique charm. The intricate designs and enchanting, warm colors of these rugs are simply unreal, rendering them exceptionally valuable. What sets them apart is the exclusive use of natural fibers like silk, cotton, and wool, as opposed to synthetic materials. This choice not only enhances their intrinsic value but also adds to their distinctiveness and desirability.
When it comes to preserving the beauty of these rugs, it is crucial to employ proper care practices. Regular cleaning is essential for maintaining the pristine condition of Persian rugs. Given their unique composition of natural fibers, a gentle and meticulous approach to cleaning is recommended. Avoiding harsh chemicals and opting for methods that respect the delicate nature of these materials will ensure the longevity and continued brilliance of your clean Persian rugs.

2. Are Oriental Rugs Out Of Style?

Oriental rugs will always stay in the trend no matter how times change. They can never get out of style because these are kinda how rugs identify! These are hand-knotted rugs designed with perfection.

3. What Is The Difference Between Persian And Oriental Rugs?

The difference between Persian and Oriental rugs is the material. Persian rugs are made from natural fibers while Orientals rugs contain synthetic substances with a mixture of wool, cotton, silk, etc.

4. What Is The Best Quality Persian Rug?

When it comes to quality, there are different factors that contribute to the best Persian rug. One is hygiene and two is durability. A rug's durability is based on how well they are made. A high-quality Persian rug will last a lifetime and be passed down to generations to come!

5. How Can You Tell If A Persian Or Oriental Rug Is Authentic?

If a rug is authentic, the label should say "Persian" or "Oriental." To find out whether it's Persian or Oriental, you can determine that by checking to see if there are any labels on the back of the carpet.

6. What's So Special About Persian Or Oriental Rug?

Persian or oriental rugs are one of the most prestigious and costly types of floor coverings. They can be made out of silk, wool, cotton, etc. The special thing about Persian or oriental carpets is that they are often one of a kind.

7. How Do I Choose A Persian Rug Or An Oriental Rug?

When choosing a Persian rug or an oriental rug, it's important to consider the size. Generally, the bigger the room is, the larger in size you want your carpet to be. If you have animals that shed hair such as dogs and cats then opt for a thicker pile because they will go through them easier than thinner carpets do!

8. How Do I Know If My Persian Or Oriental Rug Is Valuable?

There are many ways to know if your Persian rug or oriental rug is valuable. You can start by checking the age of your rug and seeing how old it is. You can also call an expert to come to see the rug and give you a price estimation, which will depend on the age of your carpet as well as if there are any damages or repairs needed.

9. How Do I Care For My Persian Or Oriental Rug?

Caring for a Persian carpet or an oriental rug is a little bit different than a regular carpet. The most important part of caring for your Persian rug or oriental rug is to vacuum it often with the right machine, which will depend on what type of carpet you have. You can also move furniture around to avoid having damage happen as other carpets do!

10. How Do I Know If Oriental Or Persian Rugs Are Hand-Knotted Rugs?

An Oriental rug typically consists of wool or silk, while Persian carpets may incorporate cotton; both are often crafted through the meticulous process of hand-knotting. These exquisite tribal rugs come in various types, each showcasing unique patterns and designs. The term "types of Oriental rugs" encompasses a rich array of styles and traditions, contributing to the cultural tapestry of rug craftsmanship. It is important to look at the loops of your rug with a magnifying glass since if they're too close together then it's most likely machine-made. You can easily tell the difference between handmade rugs and machine-made rugs.

Here at RugKnots, we provide the best oriental rugs that are also perfect for high-traffic areas and are made of 100 percent pure wool. We have many rug styles and designs available on our website like floral design and much more. If you are looking for high-quality rugs then we are here to serve you. Pick out your favorite Persian or Oriental handmade rug and avail free shipping on every order. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at or call us at (301) 660-7046‬.

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