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Rugs are a need in every home. It is of course important to have rugs in every area of your house. Using area rugs in the correct way is obviously significant and we believe it’s an art. And mastering that art isn’t a big deal. It is easy when you actually work on it. Every part of the house has different dimensions and when buying area rugs for a certain space, you need to thoroughly go through the dimensions of it. We can also say that buying the right rug size is extremely essential and always significant. You have to fully make sure that those measurements are extremely right and correct. The most commonly recommended rug size generically that is also advised by the professional are “large rugs”. We say they are safe. Large area rugs are the most wanted as they neither risk the eventual fitting nor does it get over the top in any way. These rugs are the ultimate best for spacious and large houses/ rooms. However, when you are buying such large rugs, you need to first analyze the fact if you really need it or if the space you are getting an area rug for actually suits with the “largeness” of your rug. These rugs can be bought in numerous designs, styles and colors etc.

How To Use Large Area Rugs

Why Do You Need A Large Area Rug?

While getting area rugs, people tend to mess up with the size of the rug. In every space, getting a relatively large rug always works the best. What happens is that they get a small rug that would obviously look awkward eventually. When buying rugs, make sure that you get a size that at least covers the front of your furniture. For example, if you have a sofa/ couch, make sure that the rug you choose covers the front legs of your couch or your chairs. Imagine, if you buy a rug that does nothing to cover your furniture, it looks weird. It should cover the whole of the furniture and if not fully, then at least the front of it. To make sure that you have a rug, large enough to cover the maximum of your furniture and room; you need to measure your area that needs to be covered. This makes the rug disappear and then your furniture is the focal point. It makes a great visual aesthetic.  Get a measuring tape and measure the dimensions of the area i.e. the length and the width. You can also make use of the taping method, where you tape the exact area where the rug needs to be placed. This helps your perfect accuracy and then you can measure with a measuring tape the dimensions and it is not even a big problem. It is a far less hassle than what it is to ship an area rug back and forth. The thing is that they are bulky and the shipping labor and cost is high. It’s one headache, if you fetch the wrong rug size. So, it’s better to not take risks and rather be vigilant beforehand. Take the measures and do not just estimate your way through the rug size and you’re ready to buy your favorite area rug with the exactly perfect rug size, too.

Why do you need a Large area rug?

What To Cover With Large Area Rugs?

Large area rugs help your room size camouflage. And, it also makes your room look even larger. One thing that you want to make sure of is the fact that you should cover and leave the space around equally. Meaning, for example, if you leave 27 inches on the left, you should equally leave 27 inches on the right, above and under the rug area. This empty space usually extends till the walls of the room. In a smaller room obviously, the estimate is as low as 8 inches. In any case, you have to make sure that the rug is the main center of attraction as it is what you want to make a focal point and statement with.

What to cover with Large area rugs?

Place Them Together

If you have an incredibly large space like a full fledged spacious hall and there is a large rug which is enormous in size but still can’t fit or cover the max of the area that you wanted to cover. One solution that you can think of is to get more than one rug and place them at different distance intervals. But, what if you like the same exact design and color? Well, it is okay as we have a solution to offer. One thing you can do is to get the rug with the same designs, patterns and colors and of course of the same size. Once you get your hands over it, place them side by side. Make sure that you place the two completely together and both of them should be placed on equal heights (none of them should exceed the other) and there you go! You are ready to roll.

Place them together

Layering Is The Best!

Layering is by far the most extravagant practice that we never forget to mention. We are literally obsessed with layering and that too for all the right reasons. There is nothing as desirable as layering is. We believe it is never complete without the involvement of large rugs. All you gotta do is to get a large rug and place it beneath a small rug. Both of the rugs should not be the same of course but they definitely should not compel or contrast too much. I mean, some of the designs or patterns might as well be the same but it only makes them look even better. Also, you can try different layering positions. Sometimes, place one at an angle and the other above it but in a diagonal way. Sometimes Ace a runner rug above the large rug that helps cover maximum if the space and area. Not only that, you should showcase your inner artistry and use your own creativity to try different methods while layering. We know that you are going to ace it anyway so don’t worry and give it a try.

Layering is the best!

How To Use Them In The Living Room?

In areas that are larger and spacious than the other for example if your living area is larger than a midsized one then you should obviously, without any doubt get an area rug that is larger. Get a larger rug of size 9 by 13 (an example, yours might vary depending upon the size of your area). You should try to place all the furniture above the rug. Every piece of your furniture shall be placed above the rug. For example, in your setting; you have a table, sofa and some chairs beside them. Then, you should cover all these furniture pieces and aspects of your living area. But, it is not like you should also cover everything other than the furniture. You should leave space round the area where there is no furniture or at least the area that would require people to walk. As mentioned above leave around 20-27 inches of space uncovered by the rugs extending till the wall. Or if you have different settings at different corners or spaces of your living area, then you should also consider just buying rugs and placing them around that area where you have different settings. That too, would look amazing.  Living room rugs are supposed to be larger by default as it makes the room look even more spacious while a smaller rug makes your room look even smaller.

How to use them in the living room?

They Work Outdoors, Too!

Large area rugs not only excel in the insides but also make wonders when placed outdoors. They carry great visual aesthetics. Large rugs can be placed at patios and outdoors and they look amazing when placed outside, too. Placing rugs outside gives a very cozy and homier feeling that just can’t be denied. Imagine you step out of your living room on the balcony and still feel like you are still in the comfort of your living area or bedroom. You should definitely consider this as an option. But, while doing so, make sure that you get the rug material that is fit to be placed outdoors. Materials such as nylon and sea grass among all are the perfect to be placed outdoors. Of course, the rug materials should be resistant to humidity, dewiness and other weather exhaustion. Also, get rugs that are color resistant, too (the one that doesn’t fade if placed into the exposure of the sun).  These things should definitely be considered when placing rugs outdoors. Large rugs are a great way to add warmth in your spacious loans or big pool. They simply bring life to any space.

They work outdoors, too!

Rugs Are Not Just For The Floors!

You think rugs only work for your floors? Well, we don’t necessarily think that. It was medieval times when people thought rugs were only to be placed on the floors. We have a diverse approach towards that and we know that most of you might also agree with us. If you have a spacious ceiling that doesn’t look good just like that. Well, we have a solution for you that will completely transform your wall and make it the most beautiful and royal. You can get a large rug and just place it on the wall. It would look stunning and we advocate that. A large area that is empty can be covered through a large area rug and maintain its worth. These rugs are a great way to decorate, not just your walls but also the whole room and your space. It’s a great way to add colors to your room and give your room a makeover. We guarantee you that you won’t regret practicing this and you’ll be rather proud of yourself that you made the decision to do so!

Rugs are not just for the floors!

Don’t Forget To Add Your Own Sense Of Style

We believe that there is nothing that is bigger than your own vision. Nothing should over shadow your own sense of style. We have given you a number of tips and tricks that tell you how you can use your large area rugs which obviously look breathtaking. But you should always consider your own say in it. Don’t just blindly follow the instructions but rather think out of the box. You can follow all the ways by the professionals but still feel like sheathings are missing in the end. You might not feel content at heart and we totally understand that. What we want to preach is that you should always add your own touches of style and creativity that everyone has. So don’t think too much and practice your inner perfectionist

Don’t forget to add your own sense of style

Large Rugs Don’t Mean Carpets

One thing that should be kept in mind is the fact that large rugs are not considered to be carpets. Rugs and carpets are two distinct things regardless of their sizes so they should be treated differently, too. This is one of the reasons why it is always emphasized to leave space around the walls and surroundings. Whereas, carpets are wall to wall and glued to the floors and the rugs are moveable and are neither glued to the floors nor do they touch the walls.

Large rugs don’t mean carpets

Match With The Colors And Designs

One thing to make sure is the fact that your rug matches the layout of the room. Whenever buying rugs, match them with the already existing designs and colors used in the room. The layout of the room should not be ignored. Both the things should be on the same lines and complement each other. Contrast on a larger scale looks awkward and will kill the whole vibe of the room and area. Never forget to match everything which eventually builds up the whole ambience of the room.

Match with the colors and designs

And that’s a wrap! Large rugs are sometimes hard to deal with but honesty, it’s not THAT hard. You can make use of these tips and tricks that we have provided you and ace your way through. You can layer, place them together and play with them the way you want. These spacious rugs never fail to disappoint us and we know they won’t even fail you, too. We hope that this blog post was helpful to you and you made a picture as to how you are going to style your home with large rugs. Place them on the walls or the floors, they look phenomenal. Use them whatever way you want and you will be left in wonders. Decorate your home with these rugs and shine your way through. Flaunt them the way you want. You are always safe while even experimenting with large area rugs.

Match with the colors and designs

Frequently Asked Questions About Large Area Rugs

1. Where Can I Buy Large Area Rugs?

You can get large area rugs from any carpet shop around you. A large living room rug with a medium pile is just what you need for your wood floors. RugKnots, an online rug store has a vast collection of large area rugs which include style like shag rugs, jute rugs, modern rugs, patterned rugs, colorful rug, flat-woven rug, synthetic rugs, higher pile rugs, kitchen rug, individual rugs, rugs with geometric patterns, living room rugs, neutral rug and much more. Check out our website and choose your favorite statement rug to bring a charming effect to your decor style. So, if you want to buy rugs online Click the link below!

2. Can I Use A Large Rug For Wall-To-Wall Carpeting?

Wall-to-wall carpeting is not a new invention. The first commercial installation was in 1876 and while it is no longer the most popular type of carpet, many people still use this type for their living room or bedroom carpets to give them that warm feeling underfoot when they walk through the house. For wall-to-wall carpeting, you need to buy a rug that fits your room perfectly without leaving any space. placing a rug pad underneath the rug would perfectly place the rug to the hardwood floors without letting it move. The large rug covers the entire room which means there is no space left between the walls or furniture.

3. Can I Place A Large Rug In My Dining Room?

Can I place a large rug in my dining room? Yes! There are many beautiful rugs that will fit nicely into your modern or contemporary living space. The key is to make sure the rug you choose fits well with the size of your dining table and chairs, as well as any other décor elements like paintings on the wall. Large dining rooms require large flat woven rugs that are made of natural fiber and high-quality materials to provide a comforting and soft underfoot even with high foot traffic.

4. Are Large Area Rugs Made Of Synthetic Fibers?

Synthetic fiber is a man-made material that can be extremely durable, but it does not offer the same level of comfort as natural fiber. So, if you want a large rug for high traffic areas, then use natural fibers instead of synthetic fibers.

5. How To Maintain A Large Rug?

The fibers in large area rugs will deteriorate from excessive wear and tear, so it is important to regularly vacuum the rug. Keep spills off of your rug by using a spill-proof mat or carpet protector that you can easily roll up when not needed. These rugs are too large that washing them in a washing machine may be hard so it is preferred to wash them by hand with a mild soap.

6. What Rug Size Can I Get For A Large Living Room?

A rug size of at least eight feet by ten feet is ideal for a large living room. You can use it as an accent piece to cover most of the empty space in your living room. The size of the rug is also a consideration to ensure that it can be easily vacuumed at least once every week. The right rug for a large living room should also be able to withstand the high traffic and kids running around.

7. What Rugs Make A Room Look Bigger?

Marble, jute, and sisal rugs are perfect for making your room look bigger. The textures in these types of rug can help soften the area around it as well as provide a great focal point to any space you want to highlight.

If you are looking for some large rugs that would look beautiful in your home. Well, we have your back. We at RugKnots provide you the widest range of shapes. We have large area rugs that you just can’t miss out on, so check out our website and avail free shipping. There are multiple collections that we know that you will have a hard time choosing amongst them all. We have a wide range of colors, designs and patterns that are just amazing. Our services just don’t end here. We provide you guidance and assistance whenever and wherever you want. In case of any assistance, we are there. Feel free to email us at or call us at (301) 660-7046‬.

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