Reed Beige / Multi Area Rug AR7755

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Size: 2'3" x 7'6"
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If you're seeking a touch of timeless elegance for your indoor spaces, the Reed AR7755 Beige/Multi Area Rug by RugKnots offers a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary allure. Crafted with precision in Egypt, this machine-made rug showcases exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Measuring 6'7"" x 9'6"", this rug fits seamlessly into various room sizes, making it ideal for living rooms, dining areas, or even bedrooms. Its versatile size ensures it can become a centerpiece or complement existing décor effortlessly.
The Reed AR7755 rug boasts a captivating blend of beige and multi-colored hues, adding vibrancy and warmth to any room it graces. Its intricate design features traditional patterns that evoke a sense of heritage and sophistication.
With a durable construction of cut pile, this rug offers both softness underfoot and resilience to daily wear and tear, ensuring longevity and easy maintenance for years to come.
Timeless Elegance: Traditional design elements combined with contemporary appeal create a rug that enhances any indoor space with sophistication.
Versatile Size: Measuring 6'7"" x 9'6"", it fits seamlessly into various room sizes, serving as a focal point or complementing existing décor.
Vibrant Colors: Beige and multi-colored hues add warmth and visual interest, enhancing the ambiance of any room.
Durable Construction: Crafted with precision using a cut pile technique, this rug offers both softness and resilience, ensuring longevity and easy maintenance.
Transform your space into a haven of style and comfort with the Reed AR7755 Beige/Multi Area Rug by RugKnots.

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