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The world today is very different from how it was a decade ago. Today, we understand our climate better and are making efforts to bring a positive change. One of those changes is to adapt to a more eco-friendly choice of home décor. And what is eco-friendly living without vegan rugs?

Professionals in the carpet weaving industry are learning about cruelty-free design and eco-friendly, vegan options for furniture and upholstery.

Rugs and carpets are a popular choice for flooring in most homes. However, the manufacturing of rugs seems to be hard on the environment.

Not only that, but it also affects the air quality of our homes.

The off-gassing of volatile toxic chemicals that goes on for days only adds to the declining climatic conditions. And if we do not change our lifestyle habits, studies prove that climatic change will come to a head a decade from now and alter the world as we know it.

So, it is about time we take charge and make a change for the better.

Buying eco-friendly, vegan rugs is a solution that will help us keep the benefits of carpeting, but cut out the dangerous and hazardous aspects of carpet manufacturing.

You can buy vegan rugs in the US to make your contributions to a more sustainable life.

If you are still debating about whether or not you should buy vegan rugs online or at stores, read on!

Why Should I Buy Vegan Rugs?

Do you ever think of what goes into making a carpet?

It may seem an odd thing to wonder about, but eco-friendly living begins at the basics of consumer products. You must know exactly what goes into your food or furniture to decide if they are healthy for the climate or not.

In the earlier days, most carpets were made from wool or another natural material.

But as we moved toward mass production and cheaper goods in the 20th century, rug manufacturers started using synthetic fibers for weaving carpets.

Soon, we had carpets made from nylon, polypropylene, and polyester in rug stores.

They were less expensive, so more and more people bought them.

Then weavers switched from natural dyes to artificial dyes. They began using adhesives and stain repellants made from hazardous substances in production.

This dependence on synthetic materials to run the rug industry only fueled the use of toxic substances that polluted the environment.

To add to that, they also put occupational safety and health of factory workers at risk by pushing them to work strenuous hours to mass-produce synthetic fiber carpets.

They had exposure to toxic chemicals, suffered from stressful working conditions with poor temperature control, got insufficient breaks, and the list goes on.

While the working conditions today are only marginally better, a lot of people are now making an effort to adapt to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

That means bringing vegan rugs into the market.

Go Eco-Friendly with Your Home Décor and Buy Vegan Rugs

If you care about the environment, your health, and want to fight animal-cruelty, perhaps it is time to make some ethical choices about your lifestyle.

If you are buying rugs for the first time, you may not know about the toxic chemicals or artificial dyes used in rug production.

But people are beginning to care deeply about what goes into their products, starting with food items to their rugs and bedspreads. A vegan lifestyle requires making ethical choices, even with your home décor, like when buying rugs.

This way, you will be comfortable in your choices, knowing you did your best to make this world a sustainable place to live.

RugKnots understands and supports eco-friendly choices. As a result, we give you options to choose from rug materials that are animal cruelty-free and environment friendly.

You can order vegan rugs online at RugKnots and get the best deals for vegan rugs on sale!

Below are some of the go-to alternative rug materials to wool and synthetic fibers.

·       Jute

Jute is a natural fiber that is not only environmentally friendly but also easy on your wallet. It is one of the go-to vegan choices in rugs.

With the absence of environmentally damaging production methods, Jute is a safe, eco-friendly vegan rug with minimum to zero use of toxic chemical substances.

If you also cut out the dyeing process and buy a jute rug in its natural light brown color, you may have one of the most eco-friendly rugs on your hands.

But before you get all excited, what exactly is Jute?

In short, it is a vegetable fiber.

First spun into strands, the fiber is then woven together to create a rug. Mostly, jute rugs are hand-woven pieces, and they are not very high on the coveted designer rugs market.

However, you can be comfortable knowing that they cause less damage to the environment than machine-made rugs.

At RugKnots, you can browse our collection of handmade jute rugs. Most of them have their natural golden brown hue, but if you prefer dyed rugs, we have a diverse collection of jute rugs with a dyed cotton blend.

If you happen to catch our vegan rugs for sale collection, make sure to look for eco-friendly jute vegan rugs to add to your home décor!

·       Sisal

Sisal is another popular natural fiber used in the production of vegan rugs.

Harvested by hand and obtained from a cactus plant, sisal makes for a sustainable and cruelty-free rug material. It causes zero environmental damage, does not harm animals, and makes beautiful vegan rugs!

If you buy vegan rugs online, make sure you check out our sisal rugs collection. They offer great aesthetic value, are super comfortable, and help you transition into an eco-friendly, vegan lifestyle.

When compared to cotton or Jute, sisal is more durable, which makes it more costly, but still a decent budget-buy. It withstands heavy foot traffic and can last for a long time in a busy and bustling household.

If you want to buy a 100% sisal rug, you can shop at RugKnots and pick from our exclusive sisal collection.

A lot of these sisal rugs come with borders to prevent fraying and have a tight and compact hand-weave.

We avoid the use of adhesives and toxic non-vegan elements in the making of sisal vegan rugs.

·       Cotton

Cotton is another natural material popularly used in the making of rugs. However, weavers also use a wool or viscose blend with cotton, which makes it a less likely option for vegan rugs.

But you certainly can find a 100% cotton rug. Cotton rugs make a wonderful addition to homes. They are light-weight, easy to wash, and perfect for summer homes or regions with hot, long summers.

Cotton rugs are also a safe option for your kids and pets. They are naturally hypoallergenic and offer cozy comfort for lazy days. A hand-woven cotton vegan rug is a better alternative to machine-made rugs, so the damage to our environment is at a minimum.

Even if you choose to buy a cotton rug with a mixed blend, you are making a better choice than buying synthetic fiber rugs with artificial dyes.

Do Vegan Rugs Have the Same Quality as Standard Rugs?

If you have worries that the choice of buying eco-friendly, vegan rugs will limit quality choices for you, then don’t go for these types of rugs! You can find different types of rugs in the market, even here at RugKnots.

As more-and-more rug manufacturers understand the importance of adopting a more environment-friendly method of rug production, we see the market flooding with all-natural vegan rugs.

When there is quantity, you can rest assured there will be different types of quality, both the good and the bad. And you can pick whichever suits your lifestyle the best.

Natural rugs have a reputation for being highly durable and withstanding heavy foot traffic. They are also easy to clean, which alone is a tempting reason to buy vegan rugs.

Moreover, the easy wash and dry method of maintenance and cleaning keep away the need for toxic stain repellents and solutions.

If you go with a non-dyed version, that is even better. The natural tones of brown, tan, and beige will give a natural and refreshing look to your home and help you do your bit in sustaining an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Vegan rugs are ultimately less toxic, more breathable, safer, and healthier choices of rug material than acrylic, polyester, or polypropylene rugs.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of other options to go vegan with your choices. You can recycle an old rug or re-dye a faded rug using organic color sources.

If you decide to buy vegan rugs in the US, you do not have to go and buy yourself a jute vegan rug or throw in a new cotton rug in the living room.

Veganism is not a definition; it is a lifestyle.

From your food choices to your home décor, it covers every part of your life. And it depends on you how you choose to adapt to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

You can buy vegan rugs online to achieve that, or restore an old rug to save costs on a new one and keep yourself from buying another carpet full of toxic chemicals.

At RugKnots, we trust you to make the right choice!

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