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Remodeling projects or moving to a smaller home often leaves you with a homeless rug. If it is torn and worn-out, you could throw it out. But what if it is in good condition and you are not ready to throw out your trusty old carpet? Well, then you pack a rug and store it. There could be many reasons besides the ones we mentioned that could cause you to need rug storage.

Rug collectors or inheritors of antique carpets are often reluctant to throw out a rug. So, they keep them. But here is a kicker: how to store a rug? Rug storage needs handling with care. You must know how to roll a rug and then wrap it. Unlike other household items, carpets also need proper cleaning before you place them in storage. Well, to help you out, here is a guide by RugKnots on How to Pack a Rug for Storage.

How to Pack a Rug for Storage – Step by Step Guide

Some people just do not want to give up their rugs. They want to hang on to their carpets, even when they do not have the room for it. That is where rug storage comes in. If you know how to wrap a rug, you can hang on to it and store your prized carpet without any worries. But to do that, you must know the proper steps on how to pack a rug. So, let us begin with our step by step guide on how to store a rug.

Step#1 – Clean the Rug

Before you place the rug in storage, you need to make sure that your rug is clean. When people buy a new rug online and do not want to throw out their old rug, they simply roll and pack a rug, and put it in storage. That is NOT the way to go. First, you clean the rug.

Vacuum the Rug

For proper cleaning, you should vacuum both sides of the rug. The vacuum cleaning will remove all the grit, dust mites, and pet dander from the fibers and base of the rug. To avoid inconvenience, keep the rug off the ground while cleaning it. This way, you would not have to redo one side once you flip it to do the other.

Wet Clean the Rug

The next step is to wet clean the rug using a gentle solution or detergent. The best option is to go for professional carpet cleaning services. However, if you want to try cleaning your rug at home, wash the rug with a gentle detergent with no bleach or harsh chemicals. Using harsh detergents could strip your rug off its original dye and ruin the fiber.

Leave the Rug to Dry

Make sure the rug is dry before you put it in rug storage. You can use a dry vacuum to remove as much water content as possible. The best way to dry a rug is to leave it in the open air and give it at least 10 to 12 hours to dry completely.

Step #2 – Protect the Rug

Two things could destroy your carpet in storage:

  1. Moisture
  2. Bugs

A lot of carpets, when pulled out of storage, are either bug-ridden or moldy due to moisture. Silverfish, moths, and carpet beetles are the worst enemy of your rugs. They will plague and eat away at your carpet fibers and leave it vulnerable to further damage. To protect your rug from damage from moisture or pests, make sure you do not place it on the floor. To fend off these little sneaky little buggers, try placing cinder blocks or wood pallets in the storage area to hold the rug in place. If nothing else, pack a rug and put it on top of other furniture items.

Step #3 – How to Wrap a Rug

Folding area rugs will leave cracks and creases and damage the rug base and fibers, which is why you should know how to roll a rug. The best way to roll a rug is to roll from the bottom of the carpet to the top. Start rolling the rug in the direction of the fibers and roll it as tight as you can. Once you have rolled up the carpet, tie a piece of rope around it to secure the rolled carpet in place.

The next part is where you wrap the rug. The most effective method involves wrapping up the rolled rug in brown craft paper or canvas. Do not use a plastic wrap for your rug. The paper will allow the air to pass through, but plastic will make the wrap air-tight. So, make sure you wrap up the carpet in breathable fabric.

Step #4 – How to Store a Rug?

It is best not to store anything on top of a rolled-up rug. If you put weight on it, boxes and other heavy items will eventually cause cracks in the rug’s base. Moreover, avoid storing the rug under direct sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight can ruin and fade the carpet’s colors. So, it is best to store it in a cool, dry, and dark place.

Step #5 Keep a Regular Check

If you are storing an expensive antique rug, you should check on it regularly every few months to make sure it is in perfect condition. You must keep an eye out for potential damage, cracks in the base, fading dye, dead insects, seed droppings from pests, loose fibers, and roach infestations. Your job does not end when you pack a rug and store it. You are only partway through. You can keep the bugs away by applying a new coat of insect repellent every few months or so to keep your rugs pest free. In addition to all of that, if you notice changes in environmental conditions, check up on your storage items, especially valuable items like rugs. When you are ready to bring the stored rug back home, you will first have to disinfect it.

You can use a steam cleaner to do it or get a professional carpet cleaning service to disinfect the rug for you. Lastly, vacuum the rug to remove any lingering smell or dust within the carpet fibers. And that is how you pack a rug for storage. Now we suggest you read on as we answer some of the web’s frequently asked questions regarding rug storage.

Can You Fold a Rug?

Only fold your rug if you are sure that folding it will not damage the carpet. Some rugs, usually those that do not weigh much, are foldable. So, it is best to fold those rugs before you roll them. This will save space and make moving or shipping a rug easier. For a room-sized rug, a single fold down the middle of the rug works best.

What is the Best Way to Store Oriental Rugs?

The best way to store an Oriental rug is to roll it before you wrap it up and put it in storage. You could fold them, but since these are heavily knotted rugs, folding them for an extended period will create permanent creases and damage the rug. Folding an Oriental rug could also weaken the foundation of the rug because folds exert pressure on the knots.

How to Store a Rug: 5 Practical Tips to Avoid Rug Damage!

We know that you probably spend plenty of money when you buy rugs online or shop for them in expensive rug stores. So naturally, we also understand that you want to store them safely, so they are still good for use even after a few years. And to help you achieve just that, we have three very handy tips on how to pack a rug and store it.

  • Clean your rugs as per manufacturer approved instructions.
  • If you do not have clear instructions on how to clean a rug, hire professional rug cleaners.
  • Avoid folding the rug if you are storing it for an extended period; rolling is better.
  • Store the rug vertically to keep the shape intact.
  • Go for a climate-controlled storage unit to avoid mishaps due to environmental change.

Sometimes you buy a new rug online and want to store away the old one, or you move homes and do not have space for your old carpet anymore. Either way, the most effective solution is to store a rug. We hope our step by step guide on how to pack a rug and store it came in handy for you. For extra help, make sure you jot down our five practical tips on rug storage! On an ending note, make sure you visit RugKnots to check out our hottest rug collections of this season. Until next time!

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