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If you have just moved into a new house and wish to decorate your place with an eclectic decor interior then, you have gone to the right place. It does not matter if you are redecorating a home or designing a new house, we are here to help you with a few eclectic interior design tips. You can pull off a great look using the best eclectic rugs that would add to the beauty of you. With just a few designing insiders and mistakes to avoid, you can stay in your house with eclectic interior design. You are probably more into a layered and rich form of interior design, that can highlight the movement and eras of an electric interior design style. But you are probably wondering why to choose an eclectic decor style?

Why Choose Eclectic Decor Style?

Eclectic the course date is all about euphony and bringing together contrasting styles and a mixture of textures. This combination is then beautifully blended with contrasting colors to produce a more cohesive place. In simple words, it will turn out to be a great idea for eye candy, just like the ones in home decor magazines. Electric interior design gives you ample freedom to experiment with designs and play with different textures and colors. While you have fun decorating, additionally, it turns your dull place into a more daunting and confident one. The eclectic decor style is all about a brilliant mixture of stylish furnishing to give your room a more confident look. To help you with an eclectic interior design style, we have formulated a guide to fulfill your desire. Let us come to this handy guide!

How to Pull Off Eclectic Interior Design Style?

It is a challenging task to pull off a style with eclectic interior design characteristics. However, the results are unique aesthetics. Here are a few dos and don’ts that we would like to share with you for your eclectic decor designing. Jennifer Adams, who is the author of the famous Love Coming Home, supports these interior designing tips.

DO: Add A Mixture of Textures

You need to add a mixture of both textures smooth and rough. This will add to the interest of your interior. This is a crucial factor when you are choosing a simple color palette. What you can do is, resort to eclectic rugs for the living room or add pillows and thick woven fabrics. Additionally, for wooden and rough furniture, you can use smooth and soft elements, that are made up of metals or iron.

DO NOT: Forget to Opt for Multiple Textures

Eclectic interior design characteristics include a combination of textures. It is an essential key for eclectic design. It is true that you can use a single texture more than once (you can use it three to four times) but in distinctive spots all over your place. This will provide you with a cohesive outlook.

DO: Take Negative Spaces into Consideration

Understand that your eyes require a place of rest as your resort to eclectic decor styling. Make sure that you leave a few empty tables and have ample space on your shelves. You need to take into consideration the artwork and array of your place and the wall outlines. You need to understand what to display and what to omit.

DO NOT: Use Your Entire Collection for Display

Just because you have a good collection, it does not mean that you must display all of it in a single go. You need to maintain character and environment. To do so, you need to mix up a few characteristics and display a few pieces. To add variety, you can seasonally change these pieces.

DO: Take the Layout into Consideration

Area rugs are a great way to add textures and colors around your space. It is quite normal to get caught up in between patterns, textures, and colors, while you are decorating your space with eclectic interior design characteristics. It is a great option if you mix them all and bring out a new outlook. Make sure that you consider the layout and placement of the room in contrast to the fabrics and colors. To provide your room with a more comfortable feel, the furniture and the layout of the room is quite essential. Before you make any purchases for your room decoration, create a mind map for nailing down each furniture piece. For instance, this can be handy if you wish to buy eclectic rugs for the living room. This will also help you in determining if that quirky lamp is an essential piece or can be omitted.

DO NOT: Miss Out on A Focal Point

Eclectic decor styling is all about a variety of different combinations coming together. You need to make sure that you do not miss the focal point. There needs to be an eye-catching piece of an element in the room, for instance, the fireplace and accent wall or a confident decor item. It is all about combining different periods and styles

DO: Take Utility into Consideration

You need to consider utility. Do not forget to give it a warm look. Just because you are resorting to an electric decor style design, keep in mind that you still have to live in that place. Just like fabrics and colors, utility to add to your decorations. You can use items like card tables, drinking trees, bookshelves, and even baskets to add to an empty room. These simple elements will turn your room’s atmosphere into a cozier one.

DO NOT: Adapt to Inconsistency

While adapting to an eclectic decor into your room design, you need to maintain the flow throughout your house. Just because you are using an eclectic rug for the living room, you need to balance it with the outlook of other places. Not following this step will cause an abrupt change as you move from one room to the other. This will disrupt your flow of styling. You need to upgrade each room with eclectic interior design characteristics to let it reflect throughout the place.

DO: Choose One Color to Go With

To serve as an equalizer, make sure that you choose a unifying color to provide an overall look at your house. This unifying color factor will pull together the entire designing outlook. It does not matter which color you choose; it can be off-white or just a simple olive green color. Consistency is the main key to produce a cohesive appearance while decorating using an eclectic decor style.

DO NOT: Resort to Hue Comparison

Do not get confused with colors, especially when you are choosing a go-to color. It is possible that you might be tempted to select simple wall painting colors. However, to avoid this, you can always resort to painted boards that can be a handy guide? In providing you reference, as you shop for different fabrics and decor.

DO: Maintain Balance

Your goal is to maintain a balance between symmetry and scale. To create harmony for different styles, pieces, periods, and textures, you need to stick to similar lines. Do not skip on the organization factor just to create diversity.

DO NOT: Use Eclectic Decor With “Anything That Fits”

You just cannot toss out every rule, while styling eclectic interior design. You need to understand the pen line between distracting and layered structures. You just cannot add everything you see to fill a room.

DO: Try Out New Styles

It is possible that you might try out a new eclectic interior design style and may not be quite happy with that. You might have the temptation to change the entire decoration immediately. However, try to give yourself time to settle in. It may take you a while to completely accept this new change. Assess and change, for instance, a bright color paint a new financial year off and take time for acceptance.

DO NOT: Hold Reservations

Eclectic interior design characteristics include a blend of art items, patterns, and fabrics. However, if you wish, you can add a few objects or buy eclectic rugs for your space.

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