10 x 12 Rugs

Add a splash of color and a touch of extra comfort to your home with a luxuriously large 10 x 12 area rug. It’s a versatile size for a dining room suite, a sociable area in your living room, or to go under your bed to keep your toes cozy in the mornings. Read More

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10 x 12 Gives You A Generous Sized Rug

Look for rich overdyed colors if you want a bright statement piece, or search out delicate traditional patterns for an elegant effect. The generous size of a 10 x 12 area rug means that it will become a key feature of your room, adding warmth as well as style.

Made from the finest New Zealand wool by expert artisans in Pakistan, our hand-knotted rugs are made to last. Have a look at our selection of high quality 10 x 12 area rugs to find the perfect fit for your room.

What are the best uses for a large 10 x 12 area rug? If you want to position your living room furniture on your area rug, a 10 x 12 rug will comfortably take your key pieces. This creates an “island” in your living room, made up of the couch, chairs and coffee table all accommodated on the area rug.

A 10 x 12 area rug will also add a luxurious touch to your bedroom. If you have a King size or a California King size bed, a large rug like this will take the bed and the nightstands while still leaving a good section of rug at the foot of the bed. When choosing a bedroom area rug, you need to ensure that there’s plenty of rug to either side of the bed to step out onto. A 10 x 12 rug will give your feet that essential soft landing every morning!

10 x 12 Area Rugs From The Finest Wool

If you are investing in a large hand-knotted area rug, you need to make sure that you’re getting value for money. A factory made rug will cost a lot less – but beware of false economy…

What sets a hand-knotted rug apart from a factory made one? Firstly, the time and skills spent on its creation. With all the knots woven by hand by skilled Pakistani artisan, a hand-knotted rug has so much time and care put into its manufacture.

The quality of the wool is an essential as the skills of the rug makers. We source all our wool from New Zealand, regarded as the world’s finest exporter of quality wool. The New Zealand wool becomes yarn of silken delicacy. This fineness is what makes our rugs so hard-wearing, as the finer the yarn, the higher the knot count. The higher the knot count per square inch, the more robust is the rug. It seems strange to think that the rug’s strength comes from the fact that its yarn is so delicate!

So as you can see, there’s a lot of knowledge and expertise going into our rugs, as well as the finest materials. A large 10 x 12 area rug from RugKnots is made with painstaking care, and that means that it will last.

Key Points About Our 10 x 12 Rugs

  • A versatile large size, perfect for living rooms and large bedrooms
  • Made from fine wool from New Zealand
  • Wool sourced from high welfare sources
  • A high knot count per square inch
  • 100% Hypoallergenic
  • Dyed with traditional vegetable dyes for lasting vibrant colors
  • Authentic skilled hand knotting
  • Carefully hand washed to give a soft pile finish