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Extra 5% Discount Code: 5FORYOU

Shag Rugs

Shag Rugs

What’s not to love about a shag area rug? These plush, cloud-like rugs are so soft! That’s why this RugKnots collection features shag throw rugs, so you can place a small shag rug all throughout your home for added comfort. Perhaps you’re looking for large shag rugs for the living room? Don’t worry, we have plenty of plush area rugs 8x10 or even larger!

Shag Rugs Highlights

This thoughtfully selected collection includes rugs that we believe will complement any space. Our Shag Area Rug Collection features these highlights:

  • 100% Non-Shed Polypropylene Pile
  • Turkish Machine Made
  • An Amazing 1.5 Inch Pile Height
  • Variety of Bold and Neutral Colors
  • 2x8 Shag Runner Rugs
  • Large 9x12 Shag Rugs

Shaggy Rugs by Room

Shag Rugs for Living Room

While, many people are hesitant to incorporate a shag rug into their living room because of messes, we see no reason to fear this incredibly soft option. If you use the proper cleaning techniques, which can be found in our blog 5 Best Ways to Clean Shag Rugs, your shag rug will appear as good as new for years to come! So don’t shy away from a plush rug because you’re worried about pets or kids. Instead, enjoy your playtime on one of RugKnots incredibly soft shag rugs!

Fluffy Rugs for Bedrooms

Say goodbye to waking up to cold, hard floors because there’s no better way to start your day than getting out of bed and stepping onto a fluffy, soft shag rug! We believe that our shag rugs make the best bedroom rugs out there! We have so many size options for our shag rugs that you can choose from for your bedroom! Don’t want to waste any space? Try purchasing two of our shag runner rugs to place on either side of your bed! This way, the space under your bed isn’t wasted! Or maybe you need a large shag rug to go under your king bed in order to keep the bed positioned! You could even place a 5x7 shag rug underneath the end of your bed and complement it with a bedroom bench! It’s no doubt that fluffy rugs for bedrooms are the way to go!


Are white rugs a bad idea?

Not at all! If you stay committed to cleaning your white rug with the right techniques and taking the right precautions, you will save yourself a lot of time and money. For example, be ready to vacuum your rug- before it even gets dirty. Also, try to avoid any food or drinks near the white rug when possible- this will prevent accidents! As long as you’re willing to treat a white rug just a bit more delicately than a darker colored rug, it is a good idea to buy one!

How do I vacuum thick soft area rugs?

Vacuuming a shag rug can seem like a difficult task. However, there’s a secret trick that will make this job 10 times easier! Instead of vacuuming your rug normally, try using the upholstery attachment on your vacuum. Simply drag this attachment over your rug so it can suck up dirt from the bottom of the rug.

Where can I find large shag area rugs?

At RugKnots, we sell online shag rugs in various sizes. We have 8x10 plush area rugs and our largest shag rug size is 9x12.

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