Savoy Blue Indoor Area Rug AR7807

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Size: 2' x 8'
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Beautifully crafted, the Savoy Blue & Ivory Persian design Indoor Area Rug AR7807 exudes elegance and charm, adding a touch of sophistication to any living space. This exquisite rug boasts a timeless Persian-inspired design in soothing shades of blue and ivory, perfectly complementing both traditional and modern decor styles.
Crafted with precision, this rug measures 2' x 8', ideal for narrow spaces or as a stylish hallway runner, yet versatile enough to grace larger areas like an 8x10 living room. Its rectangular shape enhances the symmetry of any room, creating a sense of balance and harmony.
Meticulously woven using high-quality materials and machine-made techniques, this rug guarantees durability and longevity, ensuring it withstands the test of time and daily foot traffic. The cut pile construction adds an extra layer of comfort underfoot, making it an inviting addition to your home.

• Elevates the aesthetic appeal of any room with its timeless Persian design.
• Versatile size makes it suitable for various spaces, from hallways to living rooms.
• Durable construction ensures longevity, perfect for high-traffic areas.
• Luxuriously soft cut pile provides comfort and warmth, enhancing your living experience.

Imported from Egypt, this rug embodies the rich heritage of traditional craftsmanship, bringing a piece of history into your home. Whether used as a focal point or to tie together existing decor elements, the Savoy Blue & Ivory Persian design Indoor Area Rug AR7807 promises to elevate your interior styling with its beauty and functionality.

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