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Christmas trees are a holiday tradition. Whether you decorate your tree with family or by yourself, there is always one thing that ties it all together - the Christmas tree topper! Is there anything more festive than a Christmas tree topped with a shining star or glistening angel? For many people, the tree topper is the crowning glory of their holiday decor. The best part of this tradition is picking out the perfect one for your home.  So you're looking for a tree topper? You'll find that there are many different styles and materials, and the possibilities are endless. From angels, to reindeer, to Santas and more! So what's your favorite Christmas themed thing? Is it Santa Claus or maybe Rudolph the Reindeer? Well we have both of those options available to purchase on our blog today! Either way make sure you get one before they all sell out! Whether you're looking for something classic or trendy, we've got you covered with some of the best options out there. Keep reading for our top picks!

1. Hmasyo Christmas Tree Topper Hat

Looking for a unique and elegant way to top off your Christmas tree? Look no further than the Hmasyo Christmas Tree Topper Hat! Made of high quality golden velvet, this hat is sure to add some style and class to your holiday decor. The large black bowler derby hat features a large red plaid bow and lengthened ribbon, making it perfect for any tree. Plus, the spring inside ensures that the hat will stay in place no matter how much decoration you have on your tree. Deck your halls this Christmas with the best tree topper around! This hat is perfect for topping off any tree and adds a touch of rustic charm. The large red plaid bow has built-in iron wire that can be styled however you like, and it's easy to attach - just put it on the top of your tree and you're done! So make your tree stand out this year with the Hmasyo hat Christmas tree topper!

Hmasyo Christmas Tree Topper Hat


2. Wezycozy Angel Tree Topper

Looking to add some extra magic to your Christmas tree? Look no further than our Angel Tree Toppers! Bring a touch of magic to your Christmas tree this year with the Wezycozy Angel Tree Topper. This unique and beautiful topper is made of high-quality plastic and features a rotating snowflake led projector that creates a softly sparkling light show on your tree. Easy installation ensures that you'll be able to enjoy this beautiful angel in no time, and her sturdy construction prevents her from breaking or damage. These beautiful lighted angels come with a built-in rotating snowflake LED projector, which will create a romantic snowy atmosphere right above your tree. With its numerous snowy spots and snowflake movement that simulates real flurries, your tree will be the star of the show! With its charming Christmas design, this rotating topper is perfect for adding that special touch to your holiday decor. And it's not just for trees - it's also great for parties and bars! Give the gift of Christmas style with the angel rotating topper.

Wezycozy Angel Tree Topper


3. Rnssez Christmas Tree Topper

Looking for a unique and dazzling way to top your Christmas tree? Look no further than the Rnssez SnowflakeTree Topper! Ready to light up your holiday season? With the Rnssez SnowflakeTree Topper, you can add some extra magic to your tree with a rotating snowflake projector. No matter what angle you choose to place it, the projection will be sure to mesmerize guests and onlookers alike. This beautiful ornament is designed with a snowflake shape and built-in projector that creates realistic stars and patterns on your ceiling. Whether you're looking to create a winter wonderland inside your home or just want something different for your tree, the SnowflakeTree Topper is sure to please. Add some extra magic to your Christmas tree this year with this fantastic Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper! This easy-to-use topper creates the illusion of snowflakes gently lighting and sparkling around your tree – perfect for creating a truly Christmassy feel. Simply attach it to the top of your tree, plug it in and watch the enchanting show unfold before your eyes!

Rnssez Christmas Tree Topper


4. Mosunece Star Tree Topper

Add a touch of starlight to your Christmas tree with this dazzling Mosunece Star Tree Topper. Made with flashing powder, this unique tree topper adds a bit of sparkle and magic to your holiday decor. Wrap yourself in the magic of a winter wonderland with this star christmas tree topper. The built-in rotating snowflake projection lamp casts an enchanting glow on the ceiling, creating gorgeous snowflake patterns. The farther from the ceiling, the larger the projection range - so you can really bring the magic of winter indoors! Deck your tree with star-power this year! This shiny star topper is illuminated with colorful paillettes that will light up your holiday season. With a long wire to make connecting easy, these star tree toppers are the perfect way to top off your Christmas tree.

Mosunece Star Tree Topper


5. GoStock Colorful Tree Top Star

Looking for a unique way to top your Christmas tree this year? Look no further than this 360° rotating star light! Dazzle your guests this festive season with the GoStock Colorful Tree Top Star!This lighted star is designed to top off your Christmas tree, and features a colorful glitter frame that lights up for a truly magical display. Deck your tree in holiday style with this star treetop. This shimmering ornament is the perfect way to top off your Christmas tree and add some sparkle to the festivities. It's easy to install - just clip it onto the top of your tree and adjust to the right angle, then plug it in and enjoy. This elegant LED star will make your tree look even more special and add a touch of romance to the holiday season. Perfect for families, friends and colleagues, this star is sure to be a hit!

GoStock Colorful Tree Top Star


6. Kurt Adler Star Lighted Treetop

Spread some extra holiday cheer this season with Kurt Adler's lighted treetop! This festive piece is crafted from capiz, wire, glitter, plastic, and acrylic materials in a beautiful gold color. It also comes with four spare bulbs and two spare fuses for added convenience. Make a statement this holiday season with the Kurt Adler Star Lighted Treetop. This beautiful 14-inch star is made of natural capiz and features a frosted look, surrounded by wire ray accents with a glittery gold-plated finish. Perfect for accenting the lighting and décor of your Christmas tree, this bright star is sure to add some extra flair to your holidays. Best of all, no batteries are required! This adorable decoration is perfect for bringing the magic of Christmas to your living room. It goes with reindeer design with a star on its head, and it's lit up with gold glittery stars that will light up your tree and your heart. Best of all, it's easy to attach - simply use the included clips to secure it to any tree branch.

Kurt Adler Star Lighted Treetop


7. Hmasyo Santa Hat Tree Topper

Deck the halls with this dazzling Hmasyo Santa Hat Tree Topper! This festive tree top hat is sure to add some classic Christmas charm to your home decor. Made of high quality golden velvet and red sequins, this hat is sure to look elegant on your tree year after year. Be the envy of your neighborhood this Christmas with the Hat Tree Topper! This unique ornament is made to look like a traditional top hat, but with a fun twist – it has a spring inside so it can be compressed. This makes it perfect for storing in a box when not in use, and also means that it can hold up the top of the hat by itself. The long bow on the front also has a built-in wire that allows you to change its style freely and fix it in place however you like. So deck out your tree in true holiday fashion with the Hat Tree Topper!

Hmasyo Santa Hat Tree Topper


8. Kurt S. Adler Star Treetop

Add a touch of glamour to your holiday decor with this dazzling star treetop! Made of plastic and gold-colored metal, it features a 6-point design and stands 9 inches tall. It comes with 4 spare bulbs and 2 fuses, so you can light up your Christmas tree in style. Bring the magic of Christmas to your home with this Star Christmas Tree. From the classic tree topper to the twinkling lights, this tree is sure to get you in the holiday spirit. Plus, it's smaller size is perfect for apartments or homes without a lot of space. Best of all, it's made with real live branches, so you can enjoy it year after year.

Kurt S. Adler Star Treetop


9. Gnome Tree Topper

Introducing the Gnome Tree Topper – the perfect way to add some festive fun to your Christmas decor!This jolly old Gnome is the perfect way to top off your tree and bring good luck to your home this Christmas! He's made with fine craftsmanship and a funny design, complete with a red dress, tall gray plaid hat, white beard, and plush nose. Add a touch of Scandinavian tradition to your holiday decor with this cute little Gnome! This charming little gnome is decked out in a traditional gnome hat, antlers, and arm with stuffing, making him appear more three-dimensional. He’s also larger than other tree toppers, so he’s sure to stand out on your tree! Not only is this gnome adorable, but he’s also practical too – his weighted base ensures that he stays in place, even in the windiest of homes. He makes a great addition to any Christmas décor, or a delightful gift for someone special.

Gnome Tree Topper


10. Kurt Adler Mickey Mouse Treetop

Add some magic to your holiday decorating this year with this officially-licensed Mickey Mouse Treetop from Kurt Adler! This jolly decoration is made of plastic and stands 10 inches tall. Mickey has bendable arms, so you can pose him however you like. He'll make everyone smile and bring a touch of Disney magic to your home. Add some extra magic to your holiday decor with this delightful Mickey Mouse Treetop! Mickey is dressed as Santa Claus and ready to spread cheer to all who see him. His bendable arms let you pose him in any festive pose you like, making him the perfect finishing touch to your holiday display. Mickey Mouse Treetop is the perfect way to add a festive finishing touch to your holiday decorations. This classic topper is sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit!  This festive piece is perfect for Disney fans of all ages and can be used as a treetop or tabletop decoration.

Kurt Adler Mickey Mouse Treetop


Here Are 8 Tips To Make Your Christmas Tree Stand Out From The Crowd

The Christmas tree is a symbol of Christmas. It's time to get your tree and put it up in your living room, office or wherever you want! This article will help you find the best type of tree for your home based on what kind of space you have available. The holidays are here, and you've got to make your tree stand out from the crowd. With so many different types of trees, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you - but don't worry! This post will give you all the information you need to know about each type of tree and how to care for them throughout the holiday season.  Now let's get started!

1. Consider a live tree instead of an artificial one

When it comes to Christmas trees, people often debate whether they should get a real or artificial one.  While there are pros and cons to both options, this year, consider going with a live tree. Here are some reasons why. One of the main benefits of getting a live tree is that you can replant it after the holidays are over. This means that your tree won't end up in a landfill, and you'll be helping the environment.  Another great thing about live trees is that they support local farmers and businesses. By buying a live tree, you're helping to create jobs and keep money in your community.  Plus, live trees just look so much prettier than artificial ones!

2. Add a little festive holiday decoration to the branches

As the days grow shorter and the weather grows colder, it's time to start thinking about how to decorate your home for the winter holidays. One fun way to add some holiday cheer is by hanging ornaments, ribbons, or lights on the branches of your Christmas tree. There are all sorts of decorations you can use, so be creative and have fun with it! It's that time of year again where people are starting to put up their Christmas decorations. If you want to add a little something extra to your tree branches, you can use ornaments and ribbons. You can either hang the ornaments directly on the branches or wrap the ribbons around them. Either way, it will make your tree look more festive and holiday-themed.

3. Place your tree in front of a window

Place your tree in front of a window where it will be lit up with natural light during the day and decorated with twinkling Christmas lights at night. As the days grow shorter and the temperature cools, many families prepare for Christmas by putting up their trees. If you want to enjoy your tree all season long, consider placing it in front of a window. Not only will you be able to see the beautiful tree from inside, but passersby will also get to admire it. Plus, natural light will make your tree sparkle even more. So put your Christmas tree in front of a window and enjoy it all season long! There is nothing more magical than a Christmas tree. The lights, the ornaments and the smell of pine needles fill your home with holiday cheer. As I was walking around my neighborhood on Christmas Eve, I spotted this beautiful scene in front of an old Victorian house that had been converted into apartments. It's so lovely to see how some people still decorate for the holidays!

4. Avoid placing your tree under ceiling fans

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and lots of decorations. One of the most popular decorations is a Christmas tree. If you're like most people, you probably have your tree in the living room where it can be seen by all. But did you know that there are some dangers to having your tree near a ceiling fan? Tree placement is a critical decision. You want to make sure you place your tree in a spot where it will be noticed and enjoyed by all. Some people decide to put their tree under the ceiling fan because they think it will help the needles stay on the tree. However, this is not usually recommended because the fans can actually make the needles fall off. So, before you put your tree anywhere, make sure you know what you're doing. So . Avoid placing your tree under ceiling fans because they can make the needles fall off more quickly.

5. Use tinsel sparingly because it can get caught on kids fingers and toes easily

Christmas is a time for joy, family, and celebration. Tinsel can be an important part of the holiday spirit but it should be used sparingly because it can get caught on kids fingers and toes easily. This year don't use too much tinsel or you might have to deal with some tears from your little ones who are trying to figure out why they are being pulled by their feet every time they walk!Tinsel is a great way to spruce up your home for the holidays, but it can be easy to go overboard. If you want to use tinsel sparingly this year. Then Choose one color of tinsel and stick it on all corners of your house. This will create a uniformed look without being too busy or distracting from any other decorations you have going on in the house. Use ribbon as an alternate decoration instead of stringing paper chains or curly ribbons around your windows and doorways. These tend to not stay put very well and have been known to cause fires when they get too close to candles or heat sources!

6. Be sure to water your tree regularly so that it doesn't dry out too much

It may be easy to forget to water your tree during the winter months, but it's important that you don't neglect it. A dried out tree is more susceptible to pests and diseases, so be sure to water it regularly. You may also want to consider using a tree-waterer to make the process a little easier. Dress up the base of your tree with an artificial snow cover or fresh pine boughs for that festive feel. Use natural elements like branches and berries to decorate the tree instead of store-bought decorations (you can find these at craft stores) .Go big - put on some holiday music, light candles around the house, and invite friends over for a party!

7. String lights around the base of your tree to make it pop against a dark background

There's just something about string lights that make everything feel a little more magical. If you're looking to add some extra pizzazz to your Christmas tree, try wrapping some around the base. Against a dark background, they'll really stand out! You can add a gold or silver star to the top of your tree for an elegant touch. If you're looking for a way to make your tree stand out against the walls of your home, stringing up some lights might be just what you need.  With so many options available, it can be hard to choose which ones are best suited for different parts of your house. If you want something that is simple and easy on the wallet then consider LED light strings or solar powered lights. These will not only give off plenty of light but they also won't cost anything extra in terms of power bills since they are battery operated! Add LED lights to make your tree glow and give off more light than traditional Christmas tree lights.

8. Make it the tallest tree on your block by investing in a good, sturdy stand

Do you have a tree in your yard that needs a stand? If so, then this blog post is for you! To start off, here are some benefits of investing in a good, sturdy stand. For one thing, it will make your decorated tree look even more impressive. Another benefit is that it can be used all year round to display other things like Christmas ornaments. Finally, by doing this you'll be able to keep the base of your tree wet and healthy while also making sure the roots stay moist during summer months when there's no rain! Sounds pretty great right? So go ahead and invest in a good, sturdy stand today-you won't regret it! Hang Christmas balls from branches for a fun and festive look. Use a wide variety of colors in your decorations - red, green, gold, silver, blue . Get creative with shapes when decorating by using geometric shapes like triangles and circles . You can try different types of trees such as fires or pines instead of traditional spruce trees.

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