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Purchasing an oriental rug for your living room, dining room, or any other room in your home might be a daunting undertaking. There are numerous possibilities, whereas previously you had to travel to Turkey or India to handpick your carpet from a carpet bazaar. Choosing a rug usually entailed spending hundreds of hours in a rug showroom, flipping through large heaps of numerous options whose full pattern would blur with so many of them being flipped through in such a short period of time. The good news is that the carpet sector has moved to e-commerce websites. A small number of carpet stores have now made finding the carpet of your desires a simple, interactive process. Hundreds of individual rugs can be found on certain faceless sale sites, with little information about the traders' identities. Others focus on the makers' remarkable character and experience while only selling a much smaller, hand-selected group of extraordinary products. That is why finding the best seller is so challenging! It's easy to become swamped in a tempest of jargon defining numerous styles, patterns, locales, and processes of manufacture in an industry that has long been veiled in secrecy and participates in foreign cultural rituals. Those online oriental rugs merchants who take the time to share their knowledge with potential consumers are doing themselves and the industry a favour. The following is a short selection of some of the top websites for researching and purchasing wonderful oriental rugs – Persian rugs, Pakistani rugs, Moroccan carpets — these high-quality antique rugs vendors have them all. These sites, which range in size from small, discerning galleries to bigger, well-known dealers, not only sell magnificent carpets but also provide visitors with a wealth of instructional materials to help them understand the complex world of oriental rugs.

Best Websites for Buying Oriental Rugs

Stark Carpet

This site categorises its rugs by geography, as well as design and sourcing, and includes a teaching tool for rug beginners.

ABC Home

This New York City business, which is now a tourist attraction and is located on Broadway, lists a large portion of its merchandise on its website. You'll find everything from silks to classics, handwovens to flatweaves, but ABC's Color Reform overdyed collection is one of the finest buys. An upgrade to worn-out antique carpets that breathes new life into them.


Safavieh is a well-known carpet brand with a large assortment. Its website streamlines the process, making sorting rugs by colour, pattern, shape, or size a breeze.


RugKnots is the perfect place for oriental rugs and any other rug collection! RugKnots has been handcrafting, importing, and delivering the greatest quality area rugs from Pakistan's heartland for over 30 years, where expert artisans have passed down traditional oriental carpet hand knotting secrets for generations. RugKnots provides free shipping and a 30-day return policy with a full refund - including return shipping charges! RugKnots sells factory direct area rugs in order to keep their overhead costs low and pass the savings on to you. The best aspect about RugKnots, and what makes it special, is that 15% of every rug purchase is contributed to The Citizens Foundation, which helps establish schools in Pakistan's rural areas. This is a great reason to shop at RugKnots because you can get a rug and exercise social awareness all at the same time!

Nomad Rugs

All of the low-key, minimalist web design and well arranged photographs have me enamoured. It was clear right away that lurking behind the aesthetic pleasure of browsing Wahlgren's site was a wealth of facts and stories highlighting his expertise in the field of oriental rugs. "Learn" is the title of one of the site's main pages. Travel photos from carpet-producing countries mix with personal experiences, advice on locating rugs you like, and links to a slew of other excellent oriental rug websites. The catalogue of approximately 100 terminology defining the people, processes, and materials of oriental rug lore is probably the most amazing element. And then there's the rugs themselves! From tribal kilims to large Persian carpets and historical relics, Nomad Rugs has a great collection of exquisite oriental artefacts. Wahlgren has clearly gone a long way from his humble beginnings selling rugs out of his garage, but he retains the same admirable enthusiasm and love for the art form that must have piqued his interest in the first place.

Peter Pap Oriental Rugs

Peter Pap Oriental Carpets, based in San Francisco, completes the trio of Bay Area rug traders who have made a name for themselves on the internet. Pap emits an actual interest with and appreciation for the art of the oriental rug, as well as the craftsmen who manufacture them, with over 35 decades of business expertise. Peter Pap complements his extensive inventory with a series of informative articles that take readers through the beauty and history of oriental rug weaving. Pap's inventory is dominated by vintage — and thus expensive — oriental rugs, several of which cost well over $10,000. Pap's well cultivated taste and enthusiasm for the art of photography is evident in every detail, regardless of expense.

It's extremely inspiring to witness a new generation of oriental rug collectors who have successfully transferred their years of business experience to the online platform. Each of the aforementioned websites comes highly recommended; even a cursory look through their inventories is a visual (and informative) treat. If you're looking for more rug sites to visit, please contact us at RugKnots. We're always hauling around the oriental rug cyberspace, and we'd love to assist you find the web resources you need to expand your knowledge and curiosity about handmade carpets before you put them in your shopping cart!

Here is a list of best Oriental rugs

1. Green Ziegler Area Rug

The Green Ziegler Area Rug is a traditional, lovely, and stunning hand-knotted oriental rug that will bring a touch of elegance to any area in your home. Its luxurious pile height is ideal for high-traffic spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms. This rug features beautiful patterns that will dazzle anyone who sees it! Give yourself the gift of this magnificent work of art right now! With a new area rug from Green Ziegler Rugs, you can make your home more comfortable. We have both contemporary and traditional styles, so you'll be able to choose one that exactly complements your style! Our rugs are also available in a variety of colours, so you can choose something to fit your decor. They're also really reasonable, so don't wait to purchase yours!

Green Ziegler Area Rug

2. Multi-Color Ziegler Area Rug

Are you looking for a rug to add some style to your home? Any room will benefit from the Multi-Color Ziegler Area Rug. This hand-knotted area rug will make you feel like royalty with its complex pattern and soft fluffy pile height. It comes in a variety of hues, allowing you to adapt it to your existing decor. You will not be sorry for adding this lovely rug to your home! Bring this stunning work of art into your life right now! All orders come with free shipping, so place your order immediately before they sell out! Don't miss out on this fantastic offer; order yours now!

Multi-Color Ziegler Area Rug

3. Red Ziegler Area Rug

Any room will benefit from the addition of the Red Ziegler Area Rug. It's hand-knotted and weaved with complex designs, giving it a classic look. This stunning carpeting will transform your home into a palace! The soft plush pile height makes this area rug quite comfortable to walk on. You can't go wrong with its modern style, which looks fantastic in any environment - from living rooms to bedrooms! Now is the time to put this beautiful area rug in your home and make it the focal point of your appeal.

Red Ziegler Area Rug

4. Beige Ziegler Area Rug

The Beige Ziegler Area Rug is a lovely, luxurious rug that will bring elegance to any space. The detailed pattern on this hand-knotted area rug gives it a contemporary flair. It's ideal for infusing your space with warmth and style. It has a low pile height, which means it is neither too high nor too low, allowing you to walk on it without sinking into the earth. The hue is beige, but if that isn't what you're looking for, there are other options! You will not be disappointed if you purchase this lovely rug! It will add comfort and cosiness to your living area while also providing it a stylish appeal. Furthermore, we provide free shipping on all orders, so you won't have to worry about paying additional fees while shopping online!

Beige Ziegler Area Rug

5. Brown Kazak Area Rug

Are you looking for a rug to add some style to your home? Area Brown Kazak Rugs are lovely, lovely, and soft. They're hand-knotted and woven with exquisite patterns that will transform any space into a haven. The rugs are available in a variety of hues, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your room. We have everything you need, whether it's conventional or contemporary. Our rugs have a stylish appearance at an affordable price. You'll appreciate how they provide texture to the flooring of any area in your house while also adding warmth. All orders are also eligible for free shipping. So, what do you have to lose? Purchase this rug right now!

Brown Kazak Area Rug

6. Ivory Kazak Area Rug

Looking for a rug to bring a touch of class and beauty to your home? The Ivory Kazak Area Rug is a sophisticated addition that will elevate any space. It's hand-knotted, so it has both the softness and the exquisite pattern you're looking for. And don't worry about having kids or pets near this rug because it's composed of sturdy, easy-to-clean materials! This is one purchase you will not be sorry for. Now is the time to visit our website and place your order! When everyone compliments your new décor option, you'll be glad you did. It's also simple to order online - simply click here and we'll take care of the rest. There's no excuse not to buy this because we offer free shipping.

Ivory Kazak Area Rug

7. Multi-Color Baluchi Area Rug

Do you want to completely transform your home? This lovely Multi-Color Baluchi Area Rug will look great in any room. It's hand-knotted and weaved in an elaborate pattern that will make your space feel more traditional, lovely, stunning, soft, plush, and elegant. The hues are modern and may be used in both modern and classic settings. It also has a 1/4-inch pile height, making it easy to walk on! You deserve this rug because you work hard every day and deserve to treat yourself to something beautiful. This rug would look fantastic in your living room or bedroom; don't hesitate to get one now!

Multi-Color Baluchi Area Rug

8. Multi-Color Baluchi Area Rug

Look no further if you're seeking for a rug that will make your home feel more like an oasis. The Multi-Color Baluchi Area Rug would look great in any room of the house. This lovely and beautifully patterned rug has a soft plush pile height that feels wonderful underfoot, as well as a modern design with classic hues. Because it's constructed of hand-knotted yarns, it's stunning from every perspective! You'll be able to relax on the floor without experiencing cold feet or feeling uncomfortable with this rug. It can also be used as a decorative item by surrounding it with pillows and cushions! The low pile height of this rug makes you want to sink into it with each step. It's also soft and long-lasting, so you won't have to worry about wear and tear in high-traffic areas. When it comes to decorating your home, you deserve the finest, which is why we provide free shipping on all orders! Purchase this rug right now!

Multi-Color Baluchi Area Rug

9. Grey Caucasian Area Rug

The Grey Caucasian Area Rug will look great in any room of your home. It's hand-knotted, so it has an exquisite design and a delicate pile height that will make you feel like you're walking on clouds. There's something for everyone in this modern design, which comes in a variety of colours and sizes. You'll appreciate how this rug feels under your toes when you're relaxing on the floor with pals. It's composed entirely of wool, making it both sturdy and long-lasting, as well as easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, this lovely area rug is reasonably priced! Don't put it off any longer; order yours now!

Grey Caucasian Area Rug

10. Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

The Ivory Caucasian Area Rug adds a touch of elegance to any room. It's hand-knotted, velvety, and soft, with an exquisite pattern that makes your home feel like the nicest place on the planet. This modern design has a traditional feel to it, and it can be used in any environment. This rug is ideal for anyone looking to add warmth and flair to their living room without breaking the budget, thanks to its exquisite colour and pile height. You will not be sorry for bringing this stunning work of art into your home! Now is the time to add some style to your home with this lovely area rug.

Ivory Caucasian Area Rug

11. Red Ziegler Area Rug

This stunning Red Ziegler Area Rug will look great in any room. This area rug, hand-knotted in an elaborate pattern, will make your home feel cosier and inviting. You'll be able to relax on it all day because of its soft plush pile height! This ancient oriental design is suitable for any type of home decor. This rug has something for everyone, whether you're searching for something modern or exquisite. It comes in a number of colours, so no matter what your preferences are, you'll find one that fits you wonderfully. Why not buy two since the price is so low? One to give as a gift and one to keep for yourself!

Red Ziegler Area Rug

12. Grey Ziegler Area Rug

Are you looking for a gorgeous rug to liven up your living room? The Grey Ziegler Area Rug is a great complement to any room. It is a traditional, hand-knotted oriental rug with an exquisite pattern. It is ideal for every room in the house because of its soft and velvety pile height. Any room will feel sophisticated and sumptuous with its contemporary design. You'll adore how this beautiful rug feels underfoot, adding warmth and comfort to your house while also providing a comfortable area to sit or lay down on the floor. It adds both aesthetics and functionality! And, best of all, it's constructed entirely of wool, ensuring that it will last for years without fading or shedding fibres like other rugs do.

Grey Ziegler Area Rug

13. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

This lovely Ivory Ziegler Area Rug will look great in any room. It has a soft, velvety pile height and an exquisite pattern that will make your living room feel like home. This hand-knotted contemporary rug features beautiful patterns that are sure to impress! You won't find another area rug with this stunning design and luxury texture on the market today. It's guaranteed to be a great addition to your home decor with its gorgeous colour and trendy pattern!

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

14. Brown Kazak Area Rug

This stunning Brown Kazak Area Rug is a stylish, modern complement to any space. Its soft and velvety pile height makes it ideal for resting or chatting with friends around the coffee table. The elaborate pattern has just the right amount of detail without being too large. This lovely rug will make your room feel cosier and more inviting than it has in the past. This is a one-of-a-kind area rug that you won't find anywhere else! This traditional yet contemporary area rug will be the perfect addition to your home decorating needs thanks to its rich design. Whether you're looking for a new living room carpet or a bedroom rug, Brown Kazak Area Rug has what you're looking for!

Brown Kazak Area Rug

15. Beige Ziegler Area Rug

Are you looking for a rug that will provide warmth and closeness to your space? A great option is the Beige Ziegler Area Rug. It has a beautiful pattern and will look great in any modern home. This lovely, traditional rug is hand-knotted and made entirely of wool, making it extremely soft and velvety. You'll adore the way this beautiful oriental pattern feels underfoot! This exquisite area rug would be a perfect addition to your living room or bedroom decor thanks to its low pile height! Its colour tone is neutral, so it will go with whatever decor style you choose. Get your hands on the Beige Ziegler Area Rug right away!

Beige Ziegler Area Rug

16. Brown Kazak Area Rug

Brown Kazak Area Rug with hand-knotted design! This rug has a beautiful detailed pattern and will look great in your contemporary home. All the benefits of quality - soft pile height, velvety sensation, hand-crafted, and stunning design at an affordable price - are included. Now is the time to buy since this deal is too good to pass up! You'll enjoy how soft it feels under your feet and how it softens the overall look of the room. For further durability, it is weaved and hand-knotted. This traditional rug adds a lovely, lovely touch to oriental decorating, which may be enhanced from drab to opulent with an ornate ceremony carpet or down to earth with more affordable rugs. This rug saves you money without sacrificing quality; you'll never have to deal with subpar products again!

Brown Kazak Area Rug

17. Brown Kazak Area Rug

The Brown Kazak Area Rug infuses your house with traditional style and richness. This rug has been lovingly hand-tied by a group of experienced artisans and has a classic feel to it while yet being contemporary with its gorgeous detailed pattern that would add an attractive touch to any decor. The pile height is soft and velvety, measuring roughly 2 inches all around and making it pleasant for any foot. This rug would look great in both outdoor and indoor living rooms! With a gorgeous brown colour palette and beautiful motifs, you'll find yourself returning again and again—simply it's too seductive when created from the best materials and finished to a high standard! You will not be disappointed if you get one of these.

Brown Kazak Area Rug

18. Multi-Color Baluchi Area Rug

This 100% wool hand-knotted rug has a true classic elegance that will be an elegant addition to your decor. This contemporary carpet is ideal for converting any environment from ordinary to spectacular thanks to its elaborately woven design and soft plush feel underfoot. Beautiful colours may be found in the Multicolor Baluchi Area Rug, but you can also discover modest neutrals or more colourful tones that would look great in your living room or hallway. Choose from a wide choice of product alternatives to determine what is best suited to your needs!

Multi-Color Baluchi Area Rug

19. Grey Wool & Silk Area Rug

The Grey Wool & Silk Area Rug is a traditional, wonderfully handcrafted area rug with an elaborate oriental design that is soft and fluffy. This amazing eye-catching design, which combines wool, silk, and cotton, will give elegance to any space it is placed in. The pile height is beautiful, and it's designed to save you time and money. The silky and smooth texture of this rug will enchant you. Place it in your modern environment to create a calm and charming atmosphere. Now is the time to purchase this area rug to add to the attractiveness of your home.

Grey Wool & Silk Area Rug

20. Coral Bokhara Area Rug

This hand-knotted Coral Bokhara Area Rug is an elegant and contemporary addition to your home or office. It has an elaborate pattern that provides a delightful sense of connectedness to the beauty of nature. Its gorgeous hand-knotted design adds dimension to any area at the same time. This rug is not just exactly what you're looking for, but it's also reasonably priced! Treat yourself today by placing an order for this exquisite carpet. This rug is ideal for adorning your living room.

Coral Bokhara Area Rug

21. Multi-Color Baluchi Area Rug

Our Multi-color Baluchi Area Rug is a stunning rug with intricate patterns stitched in varied colours of red and orange. The luxurious texture of the wool pile, now accessible at an affordable price, will elevate the level of luxury in your living area. This area rug works best in a modern atmosphere. If you want to make your room look appealing and inviting, this exquisite rug is the one for you. The nicest part about this lovely area rug is that it is made of pure wool, which gives any place a soft and silky feel. Purchase this gorgeous piece of decor right away to improve the appearance of your home!

Multi-Color Baluchi Area Rug

22. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

Our Multi-color Baluchi Area Rug is a stunning rug with lovely patterns stitched in various colours of red and orange. The luxurious texture of the wool pile, now accessible at an affordable price, will elevate the quality of your living area. This area rug works best in a modern environment. Choose this magnificent rug for your room if you want to make it look appealing and inviting. The nicest part about this lovely area rug is that it is constructed of 100% pure wool, making any place seem soft and silky. Now is the time to add this gorgeous piece of decor to your home's decor!

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

23. Black Ziegler Area Rug

The Black Ziegler Area Rug is a hand-knotted rug with an elaborate pattern and an exquisite design. This rug can be utilised in any environment where people need a soft yet durable place to sit or walk. Because of the height of the pile, this carpet has an exceptionally soft and luxurious feel. It's also functional because it's handcrafted! You'll adore the lovely design and softness of the fabric, which will instantly transform your room into something appealing and unusual. This rug is an excellent addition to any contemporary home. So, if you're looking for a rug to make a statement in your home, this is the rug for you!

Black Ziegler Area Rug

24. Multi-Color Baluchi Area Rug

Are you searching for a rug to complement your classic décor? Do you desire a rug that completely transforms the aesthetic of your room? Then this is the rug for you! The nicest thing about this area rug is that it instantly transforms any environment into something lovely and appealing. The rich appeal of your rug is enhanced by the silky wool fabric, which is composed of pure and high-quality material. It also comes in a variety of hues and tones that would look great in any room of your home. So, if you're looking for a rug that will add a unique touch to your area, this Multi-color Baluchi rug is a great option.

Multi-Color Baluchi Area Rug

25. Green Bokhara Area Rug

The Green Bokhara Area Rug offers a welcoming and pleasant area with its sumptuous feel. With each step, the soft pile height ensures long-lasting comfort. The intricate pattern lends beauty to any setting and is one of today's most desired and eye-catching designs. A lovely compliment to your modern décor or a thoughtful present for a family who lives in the modern world. You'll be engulfed in velvety with each step on this rug. The Green Bokhara Area Rug offers a welcoming and pleasant area with its sumptuous feel. With each step, the soft pile height ensures long-lasting comfort. The intricate pattern lends beauty to any setting and is one of today's most desired and eye-catching designs. A lovely compliment to your modern décor or a thoughtful present for a family who lives in the modern world. You'll be engulfed in luxurious oriental splendour with every step on this rug! This is one of our best-selling rugs, with its exquisite pattern and gorgeous colour, and it blends beautifully with both Oriental and Contemporary decors while remaining unbelievably reasonable! This lovely rug will quickly become one of your favourite items, whether it's for your home or office, for work or pleasure! So, go ahead and purchase this rug right now!

Green Bokhara Area Rug

26. Grey Wool & Silk Area Rug

This wonderful hand-knotted area rug would look great in any modern living room or bedroom. This lovely oriental design will delight you with its soft and velvety pile height. Place it on your floor for an exquisite look that is also cost effective. On your hardwood floors, the silk and wool combination has a soft and silky effect. If you're looking for a rug to brighten up your room and make it more modern, this is the one to get!

Grey Wool & Silk Area Rug

27. Red Caucasian Area Rug

The qualities of splendorous inspiration are embodied in this lovely, traditional red Caucasian area rug with a beautiful and complicated pattern. That's why it's making a resurgence in the world of interior design! This high-quality hand-knotted carpet is available in a variety of sizes, ensuring that there is one for every room. This piece will respond to your demands by adding an exquisite touch to any place it occupies, whether you choose modern style or classic elegance. We promise you will not be disappointed if you get this new rug for your home right now!

Red Caucasian Area Rug

28. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

The Ivory Ziegler Area Rug is a stunning rug with an intricate pattern in a traditional manner. The professional artisans hand-made this lovely and fluffy area rug with a low and soft pile height to provide the right feel. This beautiful carpet, designed for your home or workplace, has a level of quality you won't find anywhere else. Our high-end rugs are soft and silky yet durable, and their contemporary design will help any area stand out. This lovely area rug will look great in your home.

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

29. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

Anyone wishing to add a little texture and flair to their house may consider the Brown Ziegler Area Rug. The hand-knotted rug features a dark oriental design that gives it an attractive, traditional appeal. Its high pile height provides comfort underfoot on hardwood or tile floors, and the plush carpeting feels smooth to the touch, making it appropriate for practically any room in your home. available at a reasonable price!

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

30. Beige Ziegler Area Rug

The Beige Ziegler rug will provide a joyful and beautiful touch to your space. With a soft, velvety pile height and wonderful intricacy in its pattern, this design is contemporary and likely to become an instant favourite for you or as a gift. No matter how many times you vacuum it, this inexpensive rug delivers exceptional quality that will last year after year without losing its elegance or quality! Now is the perfect time to acquire this rug before it sells out! You'll fall in love with your home once you add this stunning carpeting!

Beige Ziegler Area Rug

Here are some frequently asked questions about oriental rugs

1. What are oriental rugs?

Oriental rugs are a form of floor covering that has its origins in the Eastern Mediterranean. They've been manufactured for centuries and available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours. Oriental rugs are frequently composed of wool or silk. They provide a place with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

2. Is an oriental rug worth the investment?

Oriental rugs are an excellent investment because they may last for years. They also provide a touch of elegance to any space in the house. These carpets are suitable for use in the living room, bedroom, or even the kitchen. The nicest part about these rugs is how affordable they are, and how easy it is to select one that matches your own taste. Oriental rugs add a classic and charming touch to any space.

3. Are oriental rugs old fashioned?

Oriental rugs are not out of style and may be found in many households. They've been around for a long time because they're stylish, functional, long-lasting, elegant-looking, and inexpensive. Oriental carpets can also be used to give colour and elegance to any area in the house. Oriental carpets are the way to go if you want a rug that will endure a long time. There is no other style of carpeting that has the same amount of history and elegance! These dark red carpets have dramatic patterns that will never lose their beauty, with Bokhara or Peshawar motifs dating back centuries, so don't hesitate to pick one up today. If your home is already decorated in mid-century modern themes, it may be time to invest in a Ziegler rug; their prints can blend in with practically any room design without clashing... ideal if you want an area rug but aren't sure where it should go!

4. Is there any difference between Persian rugs and Oriental rugs?

Although the terms "Persian carpet" and "Oriental rug" are frequently used interchangeably, they are not interchangeable. These two designations used to refer to where a rug was made: Persian rugs were made in Persia (now Iran), whereas Oriental carpets were historically made in Asia. When it comes to carpets, many people confuse the terms "Persian" and "Oriental," because historically, the distinction was based on geographical region rather than manufacturing style or quality; for example, traditional Eastern-style oriental rugs have been produced all over Asia since ancient times. For generations, Persian rugs have been a favourite choice among rug buyers. They are popular in houses throughout Europe and the United States because of their beauty and simple design, which mixes well with any home décor taste. Weavers from Persia were the first to create Persian carpets (now Iran). However, because there is also an Oriental category that incorporates similar styles, this term has become misunderstood throughout time. In today's words, "Oriental" refers to only one style of carpet, whereas "Persian" refers to all varieties of carpets, including Orientals - so be careful next time you're out shopping!

5. How can I clean a pet stain from my oriental rug?

A pet stain can be depressing to anybody who looks at it, and cleaning a rug that has been in your family for generations might be difficult. However, there are a few basic methods for removing pet stains from oriental rugs. Rinse and blot with a dry towel or rag if the pet stain is still fresh. Cleaning should be done from the bottom of the rug upwards so that any remaining liquid can be readily wiped away. On an oriental rug, do not use soap because it has been known to leave a residue that attracts dirt over time! It will be more difficult to remove a pet stain if it has been there for a long time. In this scenario, you'll need to pour dish soap over the stain and let it soak overnight or for many hours to dissolve it. After that, dab up any extra liquid with towels until the rug is only covered with dry stains. The area can next be cleaned with a commercial pet cleaning product or any liquid dish detergent.

6. Can I clean my rug with a professional cleaner to remove urine spots?

No. Urine is acidic, and it will eat away at the wool in an oriental rug, turning it yellow or dark brown over time. Instead, use a professional to clean any other type of stain on your rug. To avoid lasting stains, clear a urine stain as soon as possible. To remove urine from oriental rugs, saturate the damaged area with a water and vinegar solution. Rug cleaning can be difficult, so get a professional to assist you in removing any stains other than urine. If your rug has dog or cat urine on it, soak up as much of it as you can with towels until only dried spots remain. The area can next be cleaned with a commercial pet cleaning product or any liquid dish detergent.

7. How to remove bad smell from oriental rugs?

Because of pet stains, the carpet or rug may have an unpleasant odour. The first step is to remove the stain using a mix of water and vinegar. If you don't want to do it yourself, you can use a commercial pet cleaning product, but make sure there are no additional spills on the oriental rug before applying any cleaning product. After that, dry the area with a clean cloth or towel and use odor-removing chemicals like baking soda, vinegar, aromatic oils, or charcoal briquettes to remove the odour.

8. Will cleaning an oriental rug ruin the fabric of the rug?

The fabric of an oriental rug will not be ruined by cleaning it with a water and vinegar solution or a commercial pet cleaning product. When cleaning your carpet, it's best to use only water so that the dirt doesn't get dispersed around the carpet/rug, making it more difficult to remove stains afterwards.

9. Would the dyes of my oriental rug fade due to excessive cleaning?

The dyes in an oriental rug will not fade with repeated cleaning, but the pile may weaken and flatten. After every few weeks, clean the rug with a water and vinegar solution or a commercial pet cleaning product. As a result, you don't have to be concerned about the colour fading.

10. Are Oriental rugs machine washable?

Rugs made of synthetic fabric, which is commonly a blend of nylon and polyester, are machine washable. Because these fabrics don't shrink or fade as much as cotton, you can wash them (on a soft cycle) without fear of ruining the rug. You should not, however, use a dryer. Yes, oriental rugs made of wool and cotton can be washed in the washing machine. Vacuuming and spot cleaning stains are the finest ways to care for an oriental rug. The vacuum will remove ground-in dirt that is difficult to remove with only a dry cloth, so do this at least once a week - or more if your pets are very dirty (and you have the time).

11. How can I tell if my oriental rug is authentic?

Oriental rugs are a high-end buy that should be genuine. The materials, pattern, and production methods of an oriental rug can all be used to verify its authenticity. Examine the materials in your rug to see if it is genuine. A real oriental rug should be manufactured entirely of wool, have a long lifespan due to the design's quality, and be hand-knotted. An authentic oriental rug is also a type of vintage rugs with a square inch up to one million knots. The knot count and weaving process of these authentic rugs make them cost a lot more than other rugs. These are hand-woven with artificial silk or natural wool and the knots per square inch can range anywhere from 80 to 800. The design elements and natural fibers used in the ornamentation of oriental rugs are what determines its quality. Many people have their doubts buying Oriental Rugs online because they want to see it before purchasing, but this is not possible when purchasing an authentic oriental rug. A better option would be to get a replica if you can't afford one or are unsure about making such a large investment. Oriental rugs are known for being reliable and durable, but it is imperative that you buy from a reputable dealer to avoid getting ripped off by fake products.

12. Are oriental hand-made rugs made of synthetic mterials?

Yes! Oriental rugs are made of high quality wool with aniline dyes rather than chemical dyes. These rugs have vibrant colors and are better than machine-made rugs. The best wool pile makes this rug buying option worth the investment. The rich colors makes the natural dyes look gorgeous and the high knot count makes the rug very durable.

13. What are some of the common oriental design styles?

Oriental rugs come in different designs and colors, but here are some of our favorite designs:  "Bokhara", "Heriz", "Kashan", "Nain", "Qom" and other styles of rugs.

14. What type of dye is used in machine-made rugs?

Machine-made oriental rugs use chemical dyes and the wool pile isn't as thick or dense, therefore offering a less luxurious feel compared to handmade Oriental Rugs. The high knot count also makes these types of rugs more durable than their cheaply made machine-made counterparts.

15. Are shag rugs known as oriental rugs?

Shag rugs are not actually oriental rugs, but rather a low-quality imitation of an Oriental rug. When determining quality of a silk rug, one of the best ways to do so is by touching it.  A shag rug will feel coarse and not as soft compared to a high-quality oriental silk rug. If you are looking for cheap rugs or fake rugs with oriental style then choosing a shag persian rug is the best choice. These beautiful rugs are available in different sizes and colors.

16. Can you dye a silk rug?

Yes, it is possible to dye silks and other natural fabrics as long as they have been properly conditioned before dying by following the manufacturers instructions carefully. Make sure that you keep your rug away from direct sunlight once dyed. It is a better option to keep your dyed rugs away from deep cleaning and harsh chemicals to protect the gorgeous art silk fibers. You can contect a rug expert to deal with the dying process.

17. Where can I get fine rugs online?

The problem of buying online is that you often cannot see the real color of the product. It is also difficult to find a store with high quality rugs which are made by hand, as they tend to be more expensive and rarer nowadays. If you want to buy a turkish rug or any tribal rugs online, you can buy it from a reliable website.

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Red Isfahan Area RugRed Isfahan Area Rug
Rugknots Red Isfahan Area Rug - AR5569
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Ivory Ziegler Area RugIvory Ziegler Area Rug
Rugknots Ivory Ziegler Area Rug - AR3597
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Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441
Rugknots Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441
$2,650 $5,300

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Free Shipping

Ivory Isfahan Area Rug - AR5496Ivory Isfahan Area Rug
Rugknots Ivory Isfahan Area Rug - AR5496
$2,545.47 $5,090.93
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Multi-Color Ziegler Area RugMulti-Color Ziegler Area Rug
Rugknots Multi-Color Ziegler Area Rug - AR5075
$3,619.33 $7,238.67
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