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Buying an oriental rug for your living room, dining room or any setting may be an overwhelming task. The options are innumerable and before you had to go to Turkey or India to handpick your carpet of choice straight from a carpet bazaar.

The selection generally involved spending hundreds of hours in a rug showroom, flipping through massive piles of countless choices whose complete pattern would blur with flipping through so many of them in a brief period.

The good news is that the carpet industry has shifted to using e-commerce online websites. Now a handful of carpet dealers have made shopping for the carpet of your dreams a clickable, user-friendly experience.

Some faceless deal sites feature hundreds of individual rugs, without much hint regarding the identity of the traders themselves.

Others center upon the exceptional nature and experience of the creators while just selling a considerably smaller, hand-selected set of extraordinary pieces. That is why it's difficult to discover the best seller!

In an industry long shrouded by mystery and participates in foreign cultural customs, it isn't difficult to find oneself awash in a tumult of vocabulary describing various styles, patterns, regions, and methods of creation.

Those online oriental rug dealers who take the opportunity to offer up their knowledge to prospective customers do themselves and the business at large a legitimate favor.

The following list is a brief lineup of some of the best websites for researching and buying nice oriental rugs — Persian rugs, Pakistani rugs, Moroccan rugs, these high-quality antique rugs sellers got them all for you.

Ranging from tiny, discerning galleries into larger well-renowned dealers, these sites not only offer you beautiful rugs available but also provide visitors with a plethora of educational materials to introduce them into the multifaceted world of oriental rugs.

Best Websites for Buying Oriental Rugs


Stark carpet:

This site breaks down its rugs by area in addition to design and showing the extent of their sourcing, and they also have an educational instrument for the rug novice.

ABC Home:

This New York City store, situated on Broadway is now a tourist destination, displays a good part of its inventory on its website. You will see everything from silks to classic, to hand-woven to flatweaves, but one of the best finds is ABC's Color Reform overdyed collection. An update of worn-out antique carpets that give them fresh new life.



A go-to title from the carpet world, Safavieh has a great selection. Its website simplifies the process, which makes it effortless to sort rugs by color, design, shape, or size.



For over 30 years, RugKnots has been crafting, imported and delivered the very highest quality area rugs from the heart of Pakistan, in which skilled artisans have handed ancient oriental carpet hand knotting secrets for generations. RugKnots offers free delivery and 30-day return policy for a full refund - including costs of return shipping! RugKnots supplies factory direct area rugs so they can keep their overhead costs low and save you money on your rug purchase.

The best part about RugKnots and what's unique to this company is that for every rug purchase, 15% of the total is donated to The Citizens Foundation to help build schools in rural areas of Pakistan. This certainly adds an incentive to buy from RugKnots because you can purchase a rug and practice social awareness at the same time! 


Nomad Rugs:

Enamored with all the low-key, minimalist web design and superbly composed photos. It immediately became evident that just behind the aesthetic joy of surfing around Wahlgren's site was a deep trove of information and stories illuminating his expertise from the realm of oriental rugs.

One of the site's primary pages titled, "Learn". Travel photos from carpet producing states mingle with experiential anecdotes, information on finding rugs you love, and links to a bunch of other outstanding oriental rug sites.

Probably the most impressive feature is Wahlgren's record of nearly 100 terms describing the people, methods, and materials of oriental rug lore.

And of course that the rugs themselves! Nomad Rugs stocks a remarkable inventory of exquisite oriental pieces, from tribal kilims to big Persian carpets and classic relics.

Wahlgren has undoubtedly come a very long way from his small beginnings selling rugs out of his garage, yet he keeps an admirable excitement and fascination that has to have sparked his interest in the art form in the first place.


Peter Pap Oriental Rugs:

Rounding out the trifecta of Bay Area Rug rug traders thriving on the internet is San Francisco's Peter Pap Oriental Carpets.

With over 35 decades of business experience, Pap exudes an actual fascination with and respect for the art of this oriental rug along with the craftsmen who create them.

Peter Pap pairs a deep and broad inventory with a series of educational articles walking his visitors through the aesthetics and history of oriental rug making.

Pap's inventory tends towards classic --and therefore, quite pricey --oriental rugs, many of that push well beyond the 10,000 marks. Each and every bit, irrespective of cost, shows Pap's finely cultivated taste and appreciation for the art form.


It's truly inspirational to see a generation of oriental rug connoisseurs that have managed to bring years of business expertise to the internet format. Each one the sites mentioned above come highly recommended; even just a quick browse through their inventories is a real visual (and educational) delight.

If you're seeking more rug sites to explore, feel free to contact us at RugKnots. We're always lugging around the oriental rug cyberspace, and would be delighted to help you discover the online resources to further your understanding and curiosity about handmade rugs before you add them to your shopping cart!

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