Area Rugs

Think oriental rugs and area rugs can only be used in your home? Think again! Area rugs can be used in so many places you may have never considered. Area rugs compliment any space you put them in because of their timeless design, breathtaking beauty and unmatched luxury. RugKnots has found four places to put an area rug that you may have overlooked or never thought about. We're not talking about the bedroom, kitchen or entryway this time...

Lounges, Lobbies & Waiting Rooms

Lounges are for lounging, right? What better way to lounge than with your feet on a soft, hand-knotted area rug? Whether you place an area rug in a waiting room of a doctor’s office, a hotel lobby or airport lounge, the thick, wool pile on oriental rugs are perfect for squishing your toes into when relaxing. Ultimate comfort and relaxation await you while you, your guests or your customers are waiting.

Conference Rooms

Big corporate meeting rooms usually mean one thing — being uncomfortable for however long the meeting (that probably could have been an email) lasts. Uncomfortable chairs, trying to pay attention and the occasional nod will all be a little easier with your feet resting on an area rug. Area rugs add instant warmth and comfort to a room, no matter the subject being discussed.

Your Office!

Your office is your home away from home — decorated with photos of your family, sticky notes full of “to-do’s” and your favorite coffee mug (which probably needs to be washed). Why not step up your office decor game? Adding an area rug under your chair and desk will not only enhance the space and give it a more homey feel, but it will add more comfort to your day. Make your work days a little more tolerable by adding a wool area rug at your feet.

This oriental rug looks great in this office!

Stores of All Kinds

Our favorite unconventional place to put an area rug? Stores! Coffee shops, boutiques, shoe stores, any store you can think of benefits from having an area rug. Place an area rug at the front of the store near the checkout to keep your customer's feet comfy while waiting, or to just add a touch of beauty, uniqueness or pop of color to your business. We love the look of Cole Haan’s Ikat rug in the middle of a store. Customers can grab a seat on the couches when trying on a pair of shoes, and their feet will be met by a beautiful, soft area rug.

Area rugs are the perfect compliment to any space you could possibly think of. Adding a one-of-a-kind, hand-knotted oriental rug to an unconventional space will create a focal point, a talking point and a piece of rich culture that will keep your feet comfortable.Shop our amazing rug collections at RugKnots!

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