9 x 12 Rugs

Beauty comes in all sizes! Yet, the right size can raise the loveliness a big time. It becomes particularly true when you talk about rugs. 

People usually evaluate rugs on the base of their material, appearance, and price. Agree? Trust me your all efforts can go in vain if you make a mistake in selecting the right size. Strange? We are going to discuss it. 

Rugs come in different sizes. You can get as small as 4 x6, and as large as 20 x 20. Among all available option, one considerably middle option is 9 x 12 rugs

How can you adjust a 9 x 12 flooring perfectly in your home? In which type of room it settles the best? We will try to elaborate these details here. Continue reading to know more!

What actually 9 x 12 rug measures?

If you are not well-known with measurements, here is a little help!

The 9x12 area rugs are 9 feet by 12 feet. In order to define things well, we can say - it is almost 274 x 366 cms, or 108 x 144 inches.

It gives a rectangular shape. If you are familiar with the most common rug size 8 x 10, let us tell you, 9 x 12 is a bit larger. You can also read our article to know, why 8 x 10 rug size is very common?

Why bother the rug size?

Are you interested in knowing that one item that can change the entire dynamics of your room? It’s a rug. They can divide, unite, or even enhance the appearance of the room. 

9x12 area rugs

How can we use make use of this benefit? We can - by choosing the right size of the rug. Well, what is right in this situation? 

It is not that one-size-fits-all scenario. Rather, it varies from home to home, and room to room. The floor covering that sits well in your bedroom cannot give the same taste at the living room.

So, think, measure, and again measure to get that perfect size for your area. 

    Ideas to place 9 x 12 area rugs perfectly at your home

    Now, if you are making up your mind to buy a 9 x 12 area rug, here are a few helpful suggestions for indoor use as well as outdoor use. 

    Living room

    A 9 x 12 rug can be the best option for a good-sized living room. It can provide you adequately large space to have a meeting – it can serve as a focal point. 

    If your living room is small to medium-sized, it is preferable to put all of your furniture items above the wool rug. It may include your couch, accent chairs, and coffee table. Putting them all on the rug will give some welcoming effects to the room.

    Now, if your room is large, your rug will stand out if you restraint it to the sitting area only. You are supposed to put only front legs of your furniture on the rug. 

    9x12 outdoor rug

    Remember! The larger rug will make your area appear larger and spacious too. 

    Tip: How to select the proper rug size for your room? Measure and leave a minimum of 18 inches floor uncovered by all edges of a rug.


    It is another finest place to put your 9 x 12. Either you have a small or large area; this flooring size can add warmth and coziness to your room.

    If you adore symmetrical things, this piece can do the best with king-size bed. Place the rug entirely under the bed. As it is large enough, you need to put side furniture like bench and nightstands on it as well.

    In case you have two twin beds in a single room, putting them both above the 9 x 12 blue area rug would also look fabulous. However, you need to position them in the right proportion.

    9 x 12 bedroom area rug

    Another idea to put a 9 x 12 rug is to put its two-third part underneath the bed not the whole of it. Here the condition is, you have a king-size bed. Also, if you are having any prominent furniture at the feet side, this flooring will assist to make it prominent. 

    Dining room

     In order to place any rug in your dining hall, there is a simple thing to follow. The rug should hold the table and all the chairs over it. It means the rug should have a minimum area of 36 inches by all sides of the dining table. It should never be less than 24 inches.

    Considering this rule, we can say, a 9 x 12 rug is probably the best option for a dining table with 6 to 8 seats. Your chairs are supposed to sit above the rug even if they are slid away from the table. 

    9 x 12 dining room rug 

    Point to remember: Few rugs come with anti-skid rubber backing. Such rugs are capable of serving all alone. However, all are not same. You might need a thick pad for your rug. It won’t only tightly hold the covering on its place, but would also protect the floor. These rug pads also assist in increasing the lifetime of carpets as they give protection against wear and tear

    So, if you are willing to buy 9 x 12 rug pads, please make sure, it should be 1 or 2 inches smaller from all sides than an outdoor area rug. It is to hide the padding present underneath. Also, it will make the rug corners somehow flat to the floor surface. 

    Why don’t people generally buy 9 x 12 rugs?

    We have discussed in a previous section about how a 9 x 12 covering goes well with various interiors. Still, we can see, many people not going towards this size option. 

    It’s sad though, what could be the possible reasons behind? Here are few:

    First, the things we see in magazines or other media sources aren’t always TRUTH. They portray an image of a living room with a tiny rug looking perfectly okay – when actually it is not. People usually think it will go well with their home decor too. This confusion later ends up into a huge disappointment of getting a wrong-sized rug.  

    Second, people buy smaller sizes like 5 x 7 more. Thus, we can see huge varieties for this class available in the shops. Consequently, people confused it as the largest size available for that rug, and buy it. 

    Third and the most important one – larger rugs are expensive. This reason is probably the most common one too. In order to save extra bucks, people compromise with the size thinking it won’t affect the appearance much – and they are wrong.

    cheap area rugs 9 x 12

    This is actually a very disheartening situation. But, fortunately, we have some retailers who provide cheap area rugs 9 x 12 that are actually worth quality. 

    Rugknots is one such seller. They not only deliver larger new rugs on discounted price, but their floor coverings are also made up of high quality. They use pure and natural fiber to manufacture the piece along with pouring the art of expert craftsmen – their rugs are hand-knotted. 

    If you are interested, we are going to highlight a few of their 9 x 12 rugs here that I personally like!

    For all those people who like the combination of traditional and modern geometric design, this 9’ x 12’ Walnut Zieglar Rug is the great option. The beautiful pattern of squares with tiny floral patterns makes this piece look very charming. 

    They have another Modern Zieglar Rug with a light blue or navy blue and tan colored pattern. Being a big fan of Zieglar, I keep a close eye to all available pieces. So, this flooring can make you lost with its multiple geometric shapes, curvy lines, and homogeneous floral patterns. 

    This Onyx Moroccan Rug also caught my attention. The mysterious pattern of a different color like light gray over a black background is enough to uplift any space of your home. 

    If cheap outdoor rugs 9 x 12 is something you are looking for, then this company has Navy Egyptian Rug for you. The white-colored flowers and leaves pattern over a navy blue background of this 9 x 12 outdoor rug can bring the natural beauty in your home and it is best for outdoor use even for an entryway. 

    Where to buy cheap 9x12 area rugs

    If you are looking for a reliable source to purchase a floor covering, you may contact any reliable local retailer at your access. If interested in online shopping, you can get remarkable variety at Amazon. 

    Well, if you are looking for some reasonable 9 x 12 rugs, Rugknots is there for you. The good thing is, you can purchase these items at factory prices, as you would be ordering directly from them. There would not involve additional costs. 

    What’s more? They are offering amazing discounts. Things just don’t stop here! They entertain their customers with free shipping and return facility. So, you can calculate how much money you can save by shopping from here. 

    Thanks for reading Ideas for 9 x 12 Rugs Ideas. An appropriate size of a rug can make a huge difference in the overall appeal of the room. So, please measure twice before you make any actual purchase. Don’t forget to visit Rugknots for new arrivals and grab amazing discounts!

    9x12 rugs

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