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Beauty comes in various shapes and forms. However, the right size can significantly increase attractiveness. When it comes to rugs, this is especially true. Rugs are typically assessed based on their material, appearance, and price. Agree? Believe me when I say that if you choose the wrong size, your entire effort will be for naught. Strange? We're going to talk about it. Rugs come in a variety of sizes. You can choose from sizes as small as 4 x 6 to as large as 20 x 20. 9 x 12 rugs are a relatively medium alternative among all available possibilities. How can you correctly alter a 9 x 12 flooring in your home? Which type of room does it work best in? We'll try to expand on these points here.

Untapped Ideas for 9 x 12 Rugs

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What actually 9 x 12 rug measure?

Here's some assistance if you're not familiar with measures. The 9x12 rugs are 9 ft. x 12 ft. in size. We can state that it is almost 274 × 366 cm, or 108 x 144 inches, to properly define things. The result is a rectangle shape. If you're used to the most typical rug size of 8 x 10, you'll notice that 9 x 12 is a little bigger.

What actually 9 x 12 rug measure?

Why bother with the rug size?

Are you curious about the one item that has the power to completely alter the dynamics of your room? It's a rug, after all. They have the ability to divide, unite, and even enhance the appearance of a space. How can we make the most of this advantage? We can do so by selecting the appropriate rug size. So, what's the correct thing to do in this situation? It's hardly a case of one-size-fits-all. Rather, it differs from one home to the next and from one room to the next. The floor covering you choose for your bedroom will not have the same flavor as the one you choose for your living room. So, consider the measure, and measure again to get the ideal size for your space.

Why bother with the rug size?

Ideas to place 9 x 12 area rugs perfectly at your home

Now, if you're thinking about purchasing a 9 x 12 area rug, here are some choices for both indoor and outdoor use.

Living room

For a large living room, a 9 by 12 rug may be the finest solution. It can provide a sufficient amount of room for a conference and also act as a focal point. If your living room is small to medium-sized, all of your furniture should be placed over the wool rug. Your couch, accent chairs, and coffee table may all be included. Putting them all on the rug will make the place feel more welcoming. If your space is spacious, limiting your rug to the sitting area will make it stand out. Only the front legs of your furniture should be placed on the rug. Remember! The larger rug will also appear to make your space appear larger and roomier.

Tip: How do you choose the right rug size for your space? All borders of a rug should leave at least 18 inches of floor uncovered.

Living room


BedroomIt is another excellent location for your 9 x 12 carpets. This flooring size may offer warmth and coziness to any room, whether it is little or huge. If you like things to be symmetrical, this item will look best with a king-size bed. Underneath the bed, place the rug completely. Because it is large enough, you will need to add side furniture such as a bench and nightstands. If you have two twin beds in a single room, you could also place them both over the 9 x 12 blue area rug. You must, however, place them in the proper proportion. Another option for putting a 9 x 12 rug underneath the bed is to put two-thirds of it underneath the bed, rather than the entire rug.

The only stipulation is that you have a king-size bed. Additionally, if you have any noteworthy furniture on the feet side, this carpet will help to highlight it.


Dining room

There is a basic procedure to follow when placing any rug in your dining room. The rug should be large enough to accommodate the table and all of the chairs. It indicates that the rug should be 36 inches wide on all sides of the dining table. It must never be less than 24 inches in length. Using this criterion, we can conclude that a 9 by 12 rug is the ideal choice for a dining table with 6 to 8 chairs. Even if the chairs are slid out from the table, they should sit above the carpeting.

Point to remember: Anti-skid rubber backing is only found on a few carpets. These rugs are capable of serving on their own. However, not all of them are the same. Your rug could require a thick pad. It will not only keep the covering firmly in place, but it will also protect the floor. These rug pads also help to extend the life of carpets by providing protection from wear and strain. So, if you're going to buy 9 x 12 rug pads, make sure they're 1 or 2 inches smaller than an outdoor area rug on both sides. Its purpose is to conceal the cushioning underneath. It will also make the rug corners leveler with the floor.

Dining room

Why don’t people generally buy 9 x 12 rugs?

We examined how a 9 x 12 covering works well with diverse interiors in a previous section. Nonetheless, we can notice a large number of people avoiding this size selection. But it's a pity; what could be the reasons behind this? Here are a few examples: For starters, what we see in magazines or other forms of media isn't always TRUTH. They present a living room with a little rug that appears to be completely fine — but it is not. People frequently believe it will complement their house decor. This blunder eventually leads to a significant disappointment in the form of a rug that is the wrong size. Second, smaller sizes such as 5 x 7 are increasingly popular. As a result, we may observe a wide range of options for this class in the stores. As a result, customers mistook it for the largest size available for that rug and purchased it. The third and most crucial point is that larger rugs are more expensive. This is probably the most typical cause as well. People compromise on size in order to save money, believing that it will have little impact on attractiveness - and they are mistaken. This is an extremely depressing circumstance. Fortunately, there are some stores that sell inexpensive 9 by 12 area rugs that are of good quality. 

Why don’t people generally buy 9 x 12 rugs?

Where to buy cheap 9x12 area rugs

If you're seeking a reputable retailer to buy a floor covering from, you can call any reputable local merchant. If you're looking for anything to buy online, Amazon has a huge selection. Rugknots is the place to go if you're seeking affordable 9 x 12 rugs. The good news is that you can get these things at factory pricing if you order them directly from them. There would be no additional expenses. Plus, there's more. They are providing incredible savings. Things aren't going to stop here! They keep their clients happy by offering free shipping and returns. So you can figure out how much money you'll save if you shop here.

Where to buy cheap 9x12 area rugsThank you for taking the time to read 9 x 12 Rugs Ideas. A rug that is the right size can make a tremendous impact on the room's overall appeal. As a result, please double-check your measurements before making a purchase. Don't forget to check out RugKnots for new arrivals and great deals!

Where to buy cheap 9x12 area rugs

Here is a list of the best 9 x 12 Rugs

1. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

Add more of an elegant, rugged feel to your beautiful home with this Brown Ziegler Area Rug. This rug is the perfect addition for its intricately woven designs and exquisite color tones just waiting to be welcomed into your living room! Whether you're looking to bring contemporary style or modern art into your house, this extraordinary rug will do wonders in just one spot! Woven from traditional silky cotton fibers, enjoy cushion-like plushness as you walk on these rugs - they are simply divine. The size of the rug is 9x12!  We offer free shipping and free returns within a 30 days policy. Click the link to purchase our Brown Ziegler Rugs today from our website RugKnots.com!

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

2. Brown Persian Area Rug 

Welcome to the Brown Persian Area Rug! This luxurious rug is one of a kind rug that is sure to impress. It is a functional work of art. Hand-knotted from soft plush materials, this contemporary living room rug has many intricate patterns, lovely additions and will help you create a space with a feel that speaks to your own unique aesthetic. It's the perfect choice for adding an elegant touch to your home decor while also solving some practical problems - after all, it can be used both in the bedroom and in the living room! The rug measures 9x12 inches. Customer satisfaction is our major concern therefore we provide free shipping and free returns within a 30 days policy. So what are you waiting for? Buy this amazing rug now! Click the link to get more details about this Brown Persian Area Rug today!

Brown Persian Area Rug

3. Red Ziegler Area Rug 

Steal the spotlight with this striking area rug! Hand-knotted in intricate detail, this gorgeously soft handmade piece will complete your living room floor, adding a bold statement of style. The Red Ziegler Area Rug is the perfect addition to any space that needs just a touch of elegance. The Red Ziegler Area Rug offers pile height for all sorts of homes! Whether you're decorating an apartment or expanding your luxury mansion this Red Ziegler rug adds personality and charm to any setting. The soft pile height makes it easy on your feet but exciting enough for kids! With an intricate pattern woven in wool, these rugs are sure to be loved by all ages. Add one today! It comes in size 9x12. We provide free delivery and free returns! Press the link to purchase our Red Ziegler Area Rug now!

Red Ziegler Area Rug

4. Grey Overdyed Area Rug

The Grey handwoven area rug is a traditional design that will bring color to your living room. This contemporary piece has an intricately patterned detailed weave that you can't help but notice! It's soft and plush with an elegant pile height. You'll love the feel on your feet as you walk over it, whether barefoot or in slippers. Elegant enough for even the most refined taste, the soft fabric on the surface makes it perfect as an area rug in your modern office space. In addition, it's designed for quick clean-up after those tough spills from any clumsy child as well as their drinks! The color is versatile enough to coordinate with any decor!  We're sure we have just the right type of grey-overdyed area rug that you’ll love and cherish forever! The rug is available in size 9x12. Purchase our Grey Overdyed Area Rug now before it runs out of stock.

Grey Overdyed Area Rug

5. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

The Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug is the perfect rug for children. With its abstract colors and unique pattern, this Persian-style Gabbeh design offers an array of options to meet your specific flooring needs. Not only will it produce a lovely focal point in any room, but the soft feeling beneath your feet will welcome friends and family into space with love. This contemporary area rug also offers added comfort with plush pile height so you can relax on it all day long! It's easy to see why this area rug is appealing not just to kids - but kids at heart too! It comes in size 8' 5 x 11' 5! With free shipping and free returns buy this lovely Multi color Gabbeh Area Rug now!

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

6. Beige Wool & Silk Area Rug 

Finding the perfect rug to bring a little color to your room has never been easier! A traditional Beige Wool & Silk Area Rug that is both beautiful and gorgeous. This soft and plush wool and silk hand-knotted area rug feature an intricate pattern in subtle earth tones that will add character and charm into any space. Whether you're looking for something unexpected, want to define your living room look, or give your bedroom a fresh update, it doesn't get better than this stunning floor idea. Why do we love it: It's not always easy having everything match in our homes, but this exceptional wool and silk hand-knotted area rug feature vibrant color in an exquisite design that makes it fit seamlessly in almost any decor. The rug measures 8x11 inches. RugKnots provide free shipping and free returns within a 30 days policy. Click the link to purchase our Beige Wool & Silk Area Rug now!

Beige Wool & Silk Area Rug

7. Purple Overdyed Area Rug

Introducing the purple overdyed area rug, a traditional yet stunning addition to any living room. Hand-knotted with an intricate pattern made from pure wool, this soft and plush rug gives your space an elegant touch that is both contemporary and innovative. The pile height of the area rug can be adjusted to suit high traffic areas for comfortable levels if desired. Display art within the modern oasis or use it as inspiration by tucking into its lush fabric until ready to hang, making it perfect for all your floor needs. The rug comes in size 10x12. RugKnots give free shipping and free returns in case the product gets defective during the delivery process. Click the link to purchase our Purple Overdyed Area Rug now before it is sold out.

Purple Overdyed Area Rug

8. Blue Caucasian Area Rug 

The blue Caucasian area rug is a soft piece of floor art that inspires the feeling of comfort and plushness for any living room. Hand-knotted, this exceptional textile features an intricate pattern with soft fabric - perfect for any contemporary household. The classic color in the luxurious pile height allows you to take your home decor game to luxury while not giving up on coziness or affordability. Simple yet sophisticated, it will instantly bring life and color to any home – perfect as a centerpiece or rug under the coffee table! Soft pile height makes it feel luxurious under your feet while its cozy material exudes comfort. Unlike other rugs that can offer anything but elegance underneath furniture, this rug sits proudly on the flooring as art decor. The size of the rug is 8' 3 x 11' 2. Purchase this beautiful Blue Caucasian Area Rug now from our website RugKnots.com!

Blue Caucasian Area Rug

9. Tan Caucasian Area Rug

Our Tan Caucasian Area Rug hand-knotted area rug is a beautiful floor idea that is elegantly woven with a lovely intricate pattern and stunning color for a cheery piece of home decor or a living room feel turning into a stylish art display unit. Stand out in the best way possible with this unique item that offers delicate intricacies, warmth, and feels plush on bare feet. The care-free feel of this beautiful floor idea inspires afternoons full of meaningful conversation with that special someone. The rug measures 8' 2 x 12' 1 inches. RugKnots offer free shipping and free returns within a 30 days policy. Click the link to purchase our Tan Caucasian Area Rug now!

Tan Caucasian Area Rug

10. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug 

For a look that is fresh but earthy, nothing will beat this Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug. It is an intricately patterned design that is sure to complement any home décor while still making its own statement on the floor. Not only does this rug have eye-catching coloration with luxurious softness to boot, but it carries a handmade construction that lends authenticity and heritage too. Truly living up to its name as "fine art for your floors", you can't go wrong with this particular area rug. Your imagination won't run out of room here; let's explore all of what this carpet has to offer! It comes in size 8' x 11' 9. Since customer satisfaction is our top priority, we offer free shipping and free returns within a 30 days policy. Click the link to purchase our Multicolor Gabbeh area rug now!

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

11. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug 

Create a contemporary focal point that will be timelessly chic with this hand-knotted, woven Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug. This innovative and sophisticated area rug is a beautifully patterned complement to any living space. Whether your home decor preference is rustic, eclectic, or modern – or perhaps none of these – you’ll find inspiration from the nuanced design lines and progressive colors within the patterns found on the threading of this gorgeous piece. Soft plush pile height breathes life into interiors while simultaneously adding texture to hardwood floors. The rug measures 8' 3 x 11' 9 inches. RugKnots provide free shipping and free returns! Click the link to purchase this gorgeous Multi color Gabbeh Area Rug now!

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

12. Red Boho Chic Area Rug 

Here are some creative descriptions for our new contemporary red boho chic area rug that would be perfect in your living room or workspace. Long hand-knotted, soft pile height, the color of the product is brick red with an intricate pattern of floral motifs and elegant border. We think the floor idea you have for this lovely piece will create an inspiring place to live or work. It is a great complement to any modern home décor style! This beautiful addition can't help but inspire creativity and elevate contemporary design sense to new levels! This rug is available in two sizes; 7'6x9'6 and 8'6x11'6. We offer free shipping and free returns within a 30 days policy. Click the link to purchase our Red Boho Chic Rugs now before it sells out.

Red Boho Chic Area Rug

13. Red Transitional Area Rug

This hand-knotted transitional area rug has an elaborate design woven intricately which is timeless. The red color makes it the perfect red rug for your living room floor or any other room in your home where you need some style. With its plush texture, luxurious pile height, and small enough to fit on most tables, you can use this as a standalone gorgeous piece of decoration for your living space that's loaded with pride, class, and elegance - all at once! The one defining characteristic that will make this item stand out more than any other won't be its brilliantly conceived hue, but rather it'll be the creative artistry marvelously embedded within. This masterpiece would undoubtedly take up a large amount of floor space when placed uniformly This rug comes in size 5'3x8! Click the link to purchase our Red Bokhara Area Rug now!

Red Transitional Area Rug

14. Red Bokhara Area Rug 

The Red Bokhara Area Rug provides a graceful and elegant look for your living room. The hand-knotted contemporary rug is woven from 100% wool and features an intricate floral pattern. The eye-catching color provides the perfect accent in your living room. Durable and unique, this lush pile height can withstand any wear from your family or friends when they come to visit! The rug measures 8' 10 x 12' 2. RugKnots provide free shipping as well as free returns within a 30 days policy. Click the link to purchase our stunning Red Bokhara Area Rug now from our website RugKnots.com!

Red Bokhara Area Rug

15. Multi-Color Southwestern Area Rug 

Made from high-quality wool, these Multicolor Southwestern area rugs are sure to add a sense of style and flair to your room. With beautiful colors and an intricate woven design that is both elegant and stunning, this rug is worth considering as the centerpiece of your living space. The pile height will keep you warm on chilly winter nights while still feeling soft even with shoes on; it's so luxurious your guests may want to lay down for a nap! These gorgeous wonders have been handmade using traditional techniques. Combined with our other flooring options can help create a cohesive look in any corner of your home or office! The rug is available in different sizes; 5x8, 7'6x9'6, 8x11, and 9'6x13'6. Click the link to get more information about this rug! Purchase our Multi-Color Southwestern Area Rug now before it runs out of stock.

Multi-Color Southwestern Area Rug

16. Navy Ziegler Area Rug 

This traditional rug is not only elegant but so lush and inviting. Plush piles of hand-knotted silk pile reach a height. The intricate pattern provides the perfect way to create an ambiance for any room in your home. Whether you place it in your living room to bring the feel of soft textured fabrics to the floor or use it as rugged warmth outside by placing it on your patio, this contemporary design rug will be beautifully blended with your decor choices. Its light color brings out the natural beauty of its craftsmanship making this piece look beautiful from every angle! Navy Ziegler Area Rug is a contemporary and artistic floor idea for your living room. Color and designs are available to suit every taste and the best part about these rugs? You can mix them up as you please or create a harmonious ensemble with additional pieces from the same collection! Add this elegant rug as an inspiring focal point in your living room today.

Navy Ziegler Area Rug

17. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug 

Ivory Ziegler Area Rugs are perfect for those looking for a handmade, natural rug. If you're not yet convinced by how soft and plush these rugs feel under your feet, wait until you see how intricately woven the designs are. Plus, this means that they can be passed down to another family member when it's time. Rug makers today think so much about the artwork on each rug before the design even begins because they know it will take years to create just one! But don't worry if something changes in your home decor. With a distinctive design, this ivory Ziegler rug is perfect for any room in the house. Soft to the touch and inviting underfoot, this luxurious carpet will be a striking addition to your décor. Perfect as flooring for a hallway or bedroom alike, it features unique fibers that create an elegant look and feel. Feel inspired by its intricate pattern of traditional design with modern flair! Equally, at home displayed on living-room floors or from gallery walls as fine art, make this Ziegler rug one of the best investments you've ever made.

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

18. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug 

This luxurious geometric area rug brings an elegant look to any room with its unique design and soft fabric. It will help inspire, create the floor idea of your dreams, or be a timeless centerpiece in your home. The plush pile height on this hand-knotted rug makes it especially luxurious for feet that need some comfort during long evenings on the couch watching TV! Colorful rugs so bright, you'll be filled with childlike wonder. Your home will instantly transform into a Keiki surprise after purchasing our floor piece. Adorable geometric shapes are woven together in order to shape the product's elegant design and provide that thick, soft pile that feels like nothing else but the touch of angel hair beating against your skin. Truly an extraordinary example of living art decorating your home, every intricate detail has been carefully planned for by skilled craftsmen who intricately hand knot each rug to preserve its highest quality. 

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

19. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug 

Traditional, elegant, and visually intricate. Hand-knotted from plush woven fibers with a soft pile height. Luxurious colors you won't want to live without! This type of rug is extremely detailed and is made out of 100% polyester fabric. Available in 9x12 Rugs only. "It’s luxurious to the touch, beautifully designed with elegant colors that will complete any contemporary space. The hand-knotted pile height creates a soft, plush feel to this decorative rug." The quality of this rug is high and it is created for durability. The ivory color of this rug is a warm shade that would be a great fit in any room. This rug is perfect for a dining room or a living room space. This rug can stand up to the high traffic areas in your home and is easy to clean! It has been described as an "excellent value" by customers who have purchased this item.

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

20. Grey Ziegler Area Rug 

Introducing a striking hand-knotted grey rug to add warmth and style to your living room. This beautiful Ziegler Area Rug on our stunning floor ideas has an elegant contemporary design with decorative accents on its intricate pattern. Accented by the softness of this plush wool pile it's hard not to feel nothing but peace when you're laying under it following days at work! Inspiring decor for any home floor idea that really works wonders on dull spaces like kitchens or bedrooms. A traditional pattern with a gorgeous hand-knotted living room feel and soft, plush pile. If you're looking for an elegant addition to your home, the Grey Ziegler rug offers a luxurious design and exquisite details right at your feet. The contemporary colors and subtle intricacies will bring inspiration and comfort to any floor where it resides. With its creative weave, innovative style it's sure to be a unique display of art in your home or office space - making it perfect for modern decor. The quality of this rug is carefully crafted with the highest attention to detail and each one is handmade. It's a perfect blend of design, color, and size that will enhance any interior decor style while standing out as a unique statement piece for the home.

Grey Ziegler Area Rug

21. Grey Contemporary Area Rug 

Introducing a striking hand-knotted grey rug to add warmth and style to your living room. This beautiful Ziegler Area Rug on our stunning floor ideas has an elegant contemporary design with decorative accents on its intricate pattern. Accented by the softness of this plush wool pile it's hard not to feel nothing but peace when you're laying under it following days at work! Inspiring decor for any home floor idea that really works wonders on dull spaces like kitchens or bedrooms. A traditional pattern with a gorgeous hand-knotted living room feel and soft, plush pile. If you're looking for an elegant addition to your home, the Grey Ziegler rug offers a luxurious design and exquisite details right at your feet. The contemporary colors and subtle intricacies will bring inspiration and comfort to any floor where it resides. With its creative weave, innovative style it's sure to be a unique display of art in your home or office space - making it perfect for modern decor.

Grey Contemporary Area Rug

22. Black Shag Area Rug 

This rug is an elegant, contemporary addition to any home. The soft texture, inspiring design, and modern color give your floor idea a gentle elegance. Hand-knotted by an artisan in the time-honored tradition of exquisite craftsmanship, this low pile area rug offers beauty with incredible durability. With its simple jute weave complimented by trendy speckles of rich color. You'll love welcoming friends into your living or dining room when they see this beautiful piece for the first time (and every time thereafter!). Gorgeous and subtle, this black shag area rug is the perfect addition to any contemporary home. With a color that is unique among others, it blends together beautifully with other colors creating a dramatic effect. The hand-knotted rug offers total softness on your feet as you walk across the room feeling every intricate detail of fibers growth. This comfortable and cozy living room decoration will make a lovely statement for any modern transitional design style or traditional home decor too!

Black Shag Area Rug

23. Grey Flatweave Area Rug 

This traditional flatweave area rug is woven by hand with rich, soft, and plush fabric for a touch of texture against the floor. It's meticulously designed to offer an intricate pattern you can appreciate through its brilliant colors or take in as one cohesive work of art. Its pile height makes it perfect for any living room you're adding it to, whether that means looking at homey airiness or contemporary luxury. Creative, modern rugs are the perfect floor choice for your home. The intricate pattern on this traditional hand-knotted area rug will create a soft, living room feel with plush texture and pile height. Grey flatweave area rug measures 9 x 12 feet so can be cut down to size if desired. The rug offers an elegant color tone, contemporary design style to inspire you alongside innovative motifs for fine art lovers too! The quality of this rug is all about the details, from its modern border to its durable flatweave structure. Its pile height makes it perfect for any living room you're adding it to, whether that means looking at homey airiness or contemporary luxury.

Grey Flatweave Area Rug

24. Ivory Neutral Area Rug 

Imagine walking into your master bedroom with the soft feel of the plush pile rug in front of your bed. Take a seat on one of our fine art living room rugs, and enjoy looking over our lovely detailed design until you find the perfect pattern for every individual room in your home. Choose from hand-knotted area rugs or woven area rugs in handmade designs that are elegant, contemporary, and inspiring to any floor idea with innovative art decor for modern homes. You really can't go wrong with any country-style home living room that has this beautiful ivory neutral area rug. It'll be the perfect addition to your chic, contemporary-styled living space. What makes it even better though is its soft pile height which means you get all of the plushness without having to sacrifice modern cleanliness for traditional charm. We could go on and talk about curves and lines, but we'd rather show you exactly how amazing this rug looks when situated next to a cozy leather sofa or overtop an oriental carpet runner just like these ones right here. Create an astonishing world around your feet in bulk or glorious detail today!

Ivory Neutral Area Rug

25. Teal Boho Chic Area Rug 

A rug for anyone with a love of softness or an aspiration to be beautifully creative. Our teal boho chic area rug offers the luxury you are looking for at an affordable price point without sacrificing luxe touches. This traditional beauty is hand-knotted, living room feel, plush pile height, designed intricate pattern that will offer your space inspirations and make it much more beautiful. The floor design is one of a kind because it’s versatile enough to go in any house style— not just contemporary home styles. Owning this piece of art decor makes your home both aesthetic and interactive as the fiber fibers provide the traction needed underfoot for everyday activity while offering some extra cushioning beneath your feet while relaxing on say a bean bag. The quality of this rug is so good that it will stay in great shape for years and years to come.

Teal Boho Chic Area Rug

26. Blue Geometric Area Rug 

The Blue Geometric Area Rug is a fantastic choice for an eye-catching, contemporary update to any floor in your home. Beautifully hand-knotted in luxurious wool, the area rug adds softness and warmth to any space. The intricate pattern design creates visual interest that will get you lost in its beauty. You'll want to curl up on the soft pile height for hours! Woven from 100% wool, this floor idea is sure to inspire creativity all around you. The rich geometric pattern in this rug really pulls a whole room together. It is hand-knotted which means each knot was made by an artisan, providing the plush pile height and well-defined edges that add extra character to what might seem like just another traditional living room carpet. With such intricate work, it comes as no surprise when we tell you its beautiful design adds grace and charm to any area of your home!

Blue Geometric Area Rug

27. Green Shag Area Rug 

This eye-catching traditional rug showcases a hand-knotted design inspired by the intricate patterns found in nature. It is an elegant but innovative addition to any floor idea with its inviting pile height, gorgeous color, and soft plush feeling that's perfect for your living room or bedroom. The lush, shag pile made of superior quality polypropylene fibers provides comfort while looking great with any decor. The densely woven 9x12 rugs are available in green color so that you can choose one that best fits your taste. Each side of the rug is machine washable for easy care. This genuine hand-knotted area rug will entangle you with an endless feeling of warmth and well-being. The sumptuous Green Shag Area Rug places a welcoming spotlight on our cozy style. The green color of this rug is inviting, and the high pile is soft. The rug will feel like a cloud underfoot in your living space!

Green Shag Area Rug

28. Brown Wool & Silk Area Rug 

Having the right decor for your room is always important. Whether you're looking to build a warm, inviting, cozy living space or want to design an area that's more contemporary and elegant, our Brown Wool & Silk Area Rug can take your flooring needs from ordinary to extraordinary. The rug's woven composition will create a soft feel on any surface while its intricate patterns offer stylish flair. Spruce up any bedroom with this piece of handmade art. It will look beautiful in almost every room! The pile height is also ideal if you've been looking for something fluffy yet durable. Experience the timeless allure of luxurious blends. The Brown Wool & Silk Area Rug exudes traditional elegance with its intricate hand-made design and plush silk strand pile height. Complement any living room decor with this supple rug that’s both soft to touch and eye-catching. Give your floors an extraordinary look you won’t soon forget by browsing fine art rugs now.

Brown Wool & Silk Area Rug

29. Silver Ziegler Area Rug 

If you're looking for a rug to enhance your living room, look no further. The Silver Ziegler Area Rug is the defining piece of any modern flooring setup with its lovely intricately woven texture and design. This handmade imported rug is traditionally stunning without being too showy. It features perfectly soft textured pile height that will make anyone want to run their hand through it, its 9 x 12 indoor/outdoor fibers are made out of 100% wool. In this day and age, there's no need to sacrifice style for comfort. Say hello to Silver Ziegler area rugs - hand-knotted from 100% wool & made from the finest Chinese artistry. With incredible patterns that never go out of style, it’s crucial that your rug is an elegant addition to any room in your home.

Silver Ziegler Area Rug

30. Multi-Color Tribal Area Rug 

The Multi-Color Tribal Area Rug is a gorgeous and intricately patterned piece of art for your living room. You will love the feel of the plush and soft pile as you walk across it in these contemporary hue-infused rugs! This exquisite rug has an intricate pattern that beautifully captures tribal beauty as seen here with detailed borders, intricate border work, and lush color combinations. A wonderfully innovative focal point with style all its own; this rug's versatile design is sure to be an attractive floor idea in every space from modern living rooms to cozy family homes. This exquisite piece is both soft underfoot and durable enough for any flooring type which means it will do well in homes where children are running around too! The tribal design offers an elegant touch to your home's décor while also adding an inspiring focal point to turn any bedroom from boring to enlivened--instantaneously leaving you feeling inspired!

Multi-Color Tribal Area Rug

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions by our customers about untapped ideas for 9 x 12 rugs

1. Are all rugs stain-resistant?

Rugs are usually made from a variety of materials, including polypropylene and nylon. As such, they are often stain-resistant to certain liquids or materials but not others. Carpet that has been coated with a PTFE/Teflon Coating to prevent stains from absorbing and adhering to the carpet fibers is known as stain-resistant carpet. This coating prevents the stain from penetrating the carpet fibers. As a result, stain-resistant carpet requires the same level of regular cleaning as other carpets.

2. Are natural fiber carpets long-lasting?

Natural fibers rugs are long-lasting. A good quality natural fiber rug will last around 15 years before it needs to be replaced, whereas a synthetic or artificial material may only have an eight-year life span. Natural fibers are also highly durable and resistant to mold, mildew, and insects. Natural fiber rugs can be made from wool, cotton, or silk. The rugs made with natural fiber are very expensive, but the cost is worth it in the long run.

3. What is the best way to match a rug to a room's decor?

The best way to match a rug to a room's decor is by choosing a color that complements the existing color scheme. For instance, if your living room has warm earth tones and you choose an orange or rust-colored area rug, it will stand out too much from the rest of the furnishings in your home. Instead, opt for something more subtle like dark brown colors. You can also lookup some interior design ideas. Moreover, you can match a patterned rug's secondary color to your sofa. Match the color of the third rug to the pillows, curtains, wall color, or other interior decorations. A solid-colored rug would look great if your main furniture is upholstered in a pattern or has an ornate design.

4. A 9 x 12 rug will fit in what size room?

Choosing the appropriate rug size for your space might mean the difference between a well-defined and balanced environment and chaos. For example, a little rug under a dining room table might make the entire dining room appear overly small and off-kilter. A 9 x 12 rug would fit in a medium-sized room. A 9x12 area rug will provide you with additional space around your table, which will seat 6 to 8 people.

5. What is a typical living room rug size?

A typical living room rug size would be an area rug that is slightly larger than the room's dimensions. For example, a standard living room might be around 14x18 feet; therefore you would want an area rug that fits within those measurements. A 12 x 15 will fit snugly in this size space without looking too small or insignificant. Rug sizes for living rooms are typically 8'x10′ and 9'x12′. Make sure your rug is at least 6 inches wider on both sides of your sofa (8 inches is preferable). Rugs are usually run the length of the sofa.

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