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You stepped into the year 2023 with excitement! Things will return to normal, life will improve and get healthier, and so on, and so on. Everything begins with you and the most basic institution of life, your home. A pleasant environment fosters an optimistic outlook on life. This is something you've probably heard a lot. You become more responsible when you have a pleasant attitude. If you're looking for rugs to add to that positivity, here are some pointers to help you make the best and most responsible decision. Whether it's a cushion or an area rug, there are always multiple options for purchasing a product. People look forward to the area rug sale season so they may get a great deal on an area rug that matches their décor exactly. The goal of an area rug sale is to provide a fantastic discount on Area Rugs. RugKnots has something for everyone, whether it's an indoor rug, an outdoor rug, a cushion, or pouffes. The 18 tips before purchasing an area rug on sale will be the best guide for you to help you make a good decision and to get the most out of your investment. Here are 18 Tips for finding the ideal area rug on sale for your home.

1. What Rug Size Should You Purchase?

RugKnots recommend placing a bed sheet in the ideal rug placement and folding it up to measure the desired size of the space you need to be filled to determine the best rug to buy. This provides you a good idea of how the floor rug will look in your room. Move the sheet around to find the perfect location for it, such as away from or against your couch, until you're completely satisfied. To drastically reduce wear and tear, we recommend leaving the rug around 40cm away from the edge of your lounge. Once you're comfortable with the placement, measure the sheet's length and width to see what size you can fit. Using a sheet for a hallway runner, for example, may not work in many instances. In these circumstances, a measuring tape, bathroom mats, and towels can be used to determine the ideal size and length.

What Rug Size Should You Purchase?

2. What Size And Shape You Should Consider?

Area rugs are available in a variety of forms and sizes. They can be octagonal, oval, square, round, rectangular, and various shapes, as well as long and thin. The rug size  will be determined by the measurements of the room in which it will be placed. If you want to buy a rectangular or square-shaped natural area rug, lay a piece of paper on the floor space  in each corner of the area you want the rug to cover. Measure this area and don't be afraid to reposition the paper corners to get it precisely right.

What Size and Shape You Should Consider?

If you're thinking about obtaining a circle rug, simply get some tape and run a piece from the middle to the outer edge of the area you wish to cover. When you measure this, you'll get an estimate of the area's radius. You can get the diameter by doubling that. You will measure the length of an oval or oblong rug by the longest part of the region and the width by the broadest part. Use tape in the same way you did with the spherical rug. You should have a giant cross formed out of tape on your floor if you do it right. This will help you to get the idea  how large the rug should be. You could be thinking of using an area rug to cover the entire floor in a room to make a style statement. If you go with this, keep in mind that leaving a 12 - 15 inch border with the floor exposed to create a frame for the rug will look ideal.

What Size and Shape You Should Consider?

3. What Kind Of Design Do You  Want? (Traditional Or Modern)

After you've decided on a size, think about what kind of design you want to go for. In general, this is determined by your personal taste and house style. A modern/contemporary floor rug should be chosen first if your home and furniture are new and modern, but a Persian-style rug can sometimes provide excellent flair and contrast. Another option is to go with a shag rug, which has no pattern at all. Even if the surrounding decor is highly busy, something simple can frequently match a place better than something with a wonderful design. This leads to you a general rule of thumb: if your lounge and drapes have a busy pattern, a basic designed rug may be preferable. Many shag rugs are simple, but due to the thickness of the pile and the traffic in the area where they are placed, they are not always practical.

What Kind Of Design Do You  Want? (traditional or modern)

4. Select The Best Design

The most beautiful rug designs at the most affordable costs. Take care of the area rug's design, substance, and other qualities. Wool Area Rugs are best for high traffic areas, shag area rugs are best for moderate traffic areas, and silk area rugs are best for low traffic areas. At RugKnots, you may find modern area rugs with contemporary, abstract, stripe, or transitional designs.

Select the Best Design

The holiday yet shopping season is about to begin. You can look through RugKnots' sale section to locate a cheap area rug, or you can keep an eye on RugKnots' website and social media channels for sale announcements. Consider where your rugs  or runner  rugs will be placed first. Is it for a pool table or a dining room table? Is it going to be placed next to a couch or used on the patio? This is the simplest and, in most cases, the quickest step. Once you've decided where you want your floor rug to go, you'll need to start thinking about all other décor.

Select the Best Design

5. What Rug Color Do You Require?

The third and most crucial step is deciding on the colors of your rug, which is again a matter of personal style and home decor. In a space with mostly neutral tones, for example, a contrast in color can make the rug stand out rather than blend in. If the space has feature walls, we recommend a rug with at least one similar tone that complements the feature wall so it doesn't take away from it. If you haven't yet decorate your room, we recommend first finding a rug design and color that you like, then using at least one of the hues in this rug as your highlight color to help tie the space together. Light-colored rugs make a space appear larger, whereas dark or deep colors, such as burgundy, give the appearance of being smaller and more intimate.

What Rug Color Do You Require?

Color is also an important factor to consider when buying a rug. When you want to make a big style statement, the room's combination, as well as the pattern and color of the rug, should all come together. Keep in mind that an area rug does not have to match the color scheme of the room it will be placed in. Colors that complement or contrast the primary color scheme in a room are used to create great styles. As a result, it's best to limit yourself to one primary color and two secondary colors.

What Rug Color Do You Require?

6. Choose A Pantone Color For 2023

Colors have a strong psychological connection. Even though rugs aren't on the floor, you can't ignore their presence once you enter. Pantone colors 2023 - illuminating (bright yellow hue) and ultimate grey colors - could not be a better choice. After a turbulent year, both conjure hope and optimism. A bright yellow reflection of hope emerges through the cloud (difficult time). Look for rugs with the correct colors to give you the energy and determination to take risks.

Choose a Pantone Color for 2021

7. What If I Have Multiple Rugs In The Same Room?

If you have an open plan living space or can view other rugs from that location, we recommend that all of the rugs match in design and color as much as possible. This keeps them from clashing too much, and it also helps to keep the concept consistent in terms of design. However, there are situations when this does not work or is not necessary, and having two different colored rugs of the same design might work just well. Taking into account varied pile types and heights can also be extremely beneficial. For example, putting a Shag rug and a Persian rug in the same room can work if the tones are comparable, but the yarn will give them a totally different look, changing the impact.

What if I have multiple rugs in the same room?

8. Calculate The Area You Have Available

Before purchasing a rug, you must first measure your living space. To determine what carpet is best for your small area rug or large area rug, measure the space where you want to lay it down.

Calculate the Area You Have Available

9. What Level Of Quality You Require?

Have you fallen in first site love with a rug but are unsure if it will hold up in a high-traffic area? Finding out the rug's pile type, density, and fiber, which are all factors that determine overall quality, is the best way to determine if it will cope. Rug Pile density is a key aspect in determining the quality of any rug, whether it's contemporary, traditional, or somewhere in between. For example, a rug with a medium to thick density of more than 500,000 points per square meter and above is recommended for high usage areas. The rug's density should be obvious, but if you're ever unsure, you can always ask any sales representative of company who should be able to assist you. Rotate your rugs regularly to distribute the wear more evenly and ensure that your rug can withstand a high usage area.

What Level Of Quality You Require

10. Examine The Fabric's Quality

The rugs' raw ingredients determine the experience you get with them. Nature has given each plant unique qualities, such as sisal, seagrass, treads, and jute. Rugs are made from their leaves, roots, and, in some cases, their entire body. When shopping for rugs, pay attention to the components and their properties. They shouldn't merely add to the aesthetic appeal.

Examine the Fabric's Quality

11. Will Your Flooring Complement Your Home Decor?

The type of floor on which your rug will be placed will significantly impact the rug you choose. Slippage may be an issue on a carpeted or hard floor surface, although movement will be minimized if you choose heavier or thicker rugs. It's important to remember that inexpensive rugs are typically thin and light and will slide around on rugs and hard floors. If you've found an ideal rug you love but are scared it'll move around on your hard floor, an easy option is to buy a rubber anti-slip rug underlay and place it underneath the rug to keep it from sliding. You can also buy a rug underlay non-slip rug cushion and place it under your rug to keep it from moving on carpeted floors. Both of these products are extremely well-liked.

Will Your  Flooring  Complement Your Home Decor?

12. Make A Difference For The Environment

Be the revolutionary change you want to see in the world. There is no need to introduce the outstanding leader who proved it right with his inspirational path. We can't envision our existence without it, so it's best to act now rather than wait for others to do so. Shop for rugs made of eco-friendly materials like seagrass, jute, sisal, and other natural fibers to help reduce carbon emissions and non-biodegradable trash. Keep in mind that you are the best role model for your children!

Make a Difference for the Environment

13. Is It Simple To Clean My Rug?

After considering all of the aforementioned factors, the RugKnots Team recommends that you think about rug maintenance and cleaning. This is where understanding the quality may really assist you locate the solution. If you have a low-quality rug, it is extremely likely that it will stain easily, but it will also require very little maintenance.The key feature how easy it is to vacuum your rug, as well as any special features like static resistance, might help you decide whether or not to buy a specific floor area rug. These crucial facts should be easily accessible on the chosen website or by contacting a sales person at your chosen store.

Is It Simple To Clean My Rug

14. Be Aware Of Your Environment

Coordination is essential for living a happy life. The texture or color of the four walls, ceiling, and furnishings put within, as well as curtains covering the windows, all contribute to the aesthetics of your house or workplace, as will the rugs you purchase. All of this needs to be coordinated. Each component must work in harmony with the others. This level of cooperation raises the elegance quotient even further. Look for rugs that organically fill in the gaps. To me, Natural Area Rugs provide a large selection of carpet rolls.

Be Aware of Your Environment

15. Area Rug Shape

After you've determined the rug  sizes of your area rug, you'll need to decide on the ideal form for your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and dining room.

Rectangle Area Rug On Sale – This rug is ideal for the living room, bedroom, or dining room. Do you need a rug for the living room? One that will be durable and affordable but still stylish? If sothen take a look at this rectangle area rug from RugKnots. They have the perfect option to meet all of your needs!

Circle Area Rug Or Round Rug On Sale – Perfect for the coffee / square table or the living room's focal point. Round rugs are often used because they make a room feel more open. However, with contemporary decorating styles, many homeowners prefer the look of a circular rug. This is because circle area rugs go well with modern furniture and design choices. The best part about Circular Rugs is that they can be placed in any room without looking out of place!

Square Area Rug On Sale – This mat is ideal for use as an entrance rug. When you're looking for a new area rug, what size do you go with? Do a quick internet search and see how many different sizes are available! From the small runner to the large oval rug, there's something out there for every home. We have some helpful tips about choosing your perfect size below.  Smaller rugs can be used in hallways or entryways to protect hardwood or tile floors from dirt and scratches when guests come into your home. They also work great in bedrooms as an accent piece under nightstands or dressers.  Oval rugs are great because they can be laid side by side to create one long space that will cover most of a room, giving it a cohesive feel.

Runner Area Rug On Sale – Perfect for a hallway or stairwell. Runner Area Rug is a wonderful choice for runners who need to practice their running skills in the comfort of their own home. The rug has specially designed bumps and ridges that give you similar sensations to what it would feel like to run on the road or sidewalk, but without any of the risks. This makes practicing your running much more enjoyable and safe!

16. Take A Look Around Before Making A Purchase!

You now have a few options after considering the aforementioned considerations. To begin, we recommend pre-shopping for rugs and runners on an online rug store rather than driving around to different rug stores to check if they have rugs for sale that you like. This will save you time and money. On that topic, keep in mind that certain online photographs of rugs and mats aren't necessarily accurate, owing to differences in color settings on different computers and devices. If you plan to buy your rug in person, be sure the online rug store is based in your nation and is within driving distance. Trying to obtain a clear idea of what ranges are offered from that rug store can be extremely useful before you go there.

Take a Look Around Before Making a Purchase!

17. Always Double-Check Before Making An Online Purchase!

Before you buy a rug online, make sure it is a locally owned and operated business with a physical rug store location, rather than a fly-by-night operation (you may verify this in the about us area). A SSL security certificate or something similar should be installed on the rug website as protection against online theft. We do not advocate purchasing from them if they do not have an SSL certificate. It's also a good idea to double-check if they offer free shipping across the country. You should first verify with them about this, as many only deliver to large CBD districts and charge more for everything else. Make sure they have a real email address and phone number so you can verify them; otherwise, there's a risk the website you're shopping from is a scam.

Always double-check before making an online purchase!

18. The Last And Final Steps

Once you've determined where you want to buy your rugs, remember to bring your measurements as well as any pertinent decor items (pictures can be quite beneficial to your sales representative!). Check costs and return policies at multiple rug stores, and inquire about quality and whether the rug would work well in the chosen area.  Remember, they're there to assist you in making an informed selection! We hope this information proved useful in your search for the perfect rug on sale!

Frequently Asked Questions About Area Rugs On Sale

1. What Styles Of Area Rugs Do RugKnots Have On Sale?

You can choose from a broad variety of styles and colors. Traditional braided rugs, tribal patterns, shaggy rugs, oriental motifs, runners, and more may be found in our collection. We can help you select the perfect rug for your room if you're looking for something specific. To protect your flooring, we only provide the greatest quality area rugs, handcrafted with a 100 percent wool pile that is gentle to the touch and easy on the feet. These are also anti-fading and anti-slip. Our pricing vary based on size, however the smaller sizes from 2x3 to 4x6 are the most popular, with costs ranging from $700 to $800.

2. What Kinds Of Materials Of Rugs RugKnots Have On Sale?

Rugs are an excellent way to bring beauty and personality to your house while also providing protection for your floors. They can also aid in insulation, providing comfort and even warmth during the colder months. There are many different types of rugs, but today we'll focus on one specific type: wool rugs! This week we have a variety of materials on sale, so let's get started! Wool, cotton, polyester, sea grass and other fibers are among the materials available for individual rugs. We not only sell these types, but they also come in a variety of styles, such as modern and classic. They'll look great in any room of your house!

3. What Is The Most Effective Method For Cleaning An Area Rug?

If your rug needs to be cleaned completely, start by reading the care instructions that came with it. Follow these simple methods for general rug cleaning:

    1. Vacuum both sides of the rug to eliminate any loose debris or dust.
    2. Scrub the rug carefully with a brush or sponge and a larger rug shampoo or light detergent. Test a tiny corner of the rug for colorfastness before washing to ensure the colors won't bleed.
    3. Before rinsing, let the solution stay on the carpeting for a few minutes.
    4. Thoroughly rinse with a hose or bucket until the water is clear and suds-free.
    5. Squeeze out as much water on the rug as possible and lay it flat to dry. When the surface of the rug is dry, flip it over to allow the bottom to dry.
    6. Use a soft brush or a vacuum to loosen the rug's fibers.

4. Do Dining Room Rugs Go On Sale?

When demand is low, carpet tends to go on sale and your chances of negotiating a good deal are higher. When demand is high, you're probably paying the store's highest retail prices. The right rug with a detailed pattern is in your way at a discounted price at RugKnots.

5. How You Can Store An Area Rug?

It's crucial to know how to store your area rug, whether you're rolling it up for spring season cleaning or packing it for a move. If your rug has been subjected to a lot of traffic, vacuum it once (or twice) to remove any dust, dirt, or grime that has accumulated over time. When keeping your area rug, keep the following tips in mind:

    1. Before storing the rug, clean it. To clean your rug safely, follow the manufacturer's instructions.
    2. Roll the rug from the inside out, with the pile on the inside.
    3. Use kraft paper or a breathable, water-resistant paper like Tyvek to wrap the package. DO NOT wrap in plastic since it promotes mould growth.
    4. When storing the rug, lift it off the floor to allow for air circulation.
    5. Store in a temperature-controlled environment.

6. How  To Measure The Size of A Round Rug For A Room?

Run a piece of tape from the centre of the space you want to cover to the outside edge and measure it if you're considering a round rug. This provides you the circle's radius. You may calculate the diameter by multiplying it by two. Round carpets are priced according to their diameter. The size should be enough to cover only the front legs.

7. What Is The Greatest Type Of Rug Pad For An Area Rug?

A dense, non-woven, needle-punched, solution-dyed, hypo-allergenic (no plant or animal fibres) felt made of 100 percent synthetic fibre is the strongest and best performing pad. This sort of padding is hypoallergenic, does not degrade chemically, resists mildew and decay, and insulates against chilly flooring while offering optimal structural protection to your area rugs. This pad can't be ripped apart or punched through. It lasts at least ten years and keeps your rugs under control and protected. Cotton rugs need no padding. Also rug pads save damage due to coffee tables, dining chairs or other furniture legs on hardwood floors.


Check out RugKnots other blog posts that have a versatile option about Area Rugs On Sale if you're seeking for something more specialised. RugKnots representatives are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our rugs, and we can make a rug in whatever size you require. We are pleased to answer any questions you may have so that you may feel more at ease when selecting the correct rug for your house. Please contact us at or phone (301) 660-7046 with any questions. customer service open for 24 hours. Good luck with your shopping.

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