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Iran is a country of handicrafts. Each city is famous because of its specific handicraft. A Persian rug carpet is the best and most unique among all. You can turn speechless by observing the amazing range of Persian carpets there. Whenever you decide to buy a Persian rug, This can be a question evokes in your mind.

How to Buy Persian Rug Carpet?

You have to keep some essential aspects of the mind when going for the purchase. Give this article a good read to know these facts!

1- When you visit Iran, you will hear the insistent voices of the people selling carpets and inviting you to their stores.

2- There is a huge competition among carpet sellers and every one of them would like to present their products in the best possible way. So, you have to be very careful while buying one of them.

3- Along with markets, a number of online stores are also dealing with the purchase of Persian rugs.

4- You can make a good purchase only when you have enough information about them and shop them.

You should adhere to the fact that ‘knowledge is power’ and you can become a successful buyer by using this power. So, be confident by becoming well-informed. Different features are stated which invoked us to buy Persian rugs under as: 

Color Combination

They come in different types of colors craftsmanship, material, price, and design and weaving. If you have any plan of buying this amazing art, then you should extend your information in this regard. It will make you enjoy the experience of bargaining and buying an amazing piece for your household. Don’t forget to visit the Carpet Museum situated in Tehran if you are a carpet lover. There you will observe a breathtaking collection of vintage oriental rugs.


In the Persian language, they are known as Farsh or Qali. They are the precious handicraft that symbolizes the ancient history of Iran.


A Persian carpet should be the utmost choice if you have an urge to add class & elegance to your room. You can easily depend on this carpet to boost the appearance of your room. You can buy it for your bedroom colors, hallway, or office. The choice is all yours! It is preferred because of its durability. You can easily think that your grandson will walk on the carpet once he was used to playing on being a toddler.


You can find a wide range of Persian carpet designs in the market. Rugs made with silk & wool are the most used among all. The rugs that are produced with delicate knots by using silk are knots expensive. Also, you will find then light in weight when compared to the other rugs of the same size with woven fabric. On the other hand, carpets made of wool are cheap and heavy. No doubt, they are also available in various colors & delicate designs.

Tips to Buy Persian Carpet

Have a look at these expert tips to know how exactly you should buy colors in Persian carpet for sale!

Decide Your Budget

    Deciding your budget is one of the most important considerations whenever you are going to make a purchase. You can contemplate it in the form of future investment. Yes, it will work as an investment for your whole family. Rugs are antique and so you should choose one that will play its role of being an antique piece in your life. Buy an oriental rug on which your children and then their children can play. As long as the price is concerned, Persian carpet prices vary from one rug to the other. The more quality you need; the more budget is required. So, you have to know your budget, and then find a woven rug accordingly. Usually, a hefty price tag is attached to the handmade rug that can remain for a long time period. Hence, options are always there and you can go with your financial plan. If you have limited finances, then you can choose the machine rugs. They are cost-effective as compared to the handwoven Persian rugs. They are beautiful in their own way. Here, you need to know that their life is less as compared to the handwoven rugs. But choosing a rug with genuine wool can become an impressive choice. Moreover, if budget is not your problem and you focus on the quality, then the knots handmade rug is the best option. The hand-knotted rug has its own uniqueness, amazing pattern, and high-quality stuff.

    Choose an Inspiring Pattern

      Persian rugs have the specialty of amazing patterns. At first glance, these patterns may look similar.

      Specific Pattern

      The central point is the round-shaped pendant like the pattern for decoration and borders contains complicate design. The choice of delicate color and the use of design making a pattern different from the other can assist you in selecting a sophisticated carpet. Floral designs are also made on these rugs to give them a woven elegant look. Don’t be confused as these flowers are not similar to your mother’s favorite blooms. In fact, they are small, intertwined and detailed.

      They are unique in their own way.

      Some other patterns of Persian carpet are repeated and small geometric shapes that are well organized. These designs are made in a particular flow. Take a detailed look at different carpets. Your rug will talk to you. Yes, it will! You should buy the Persian rug which will speak to you and can be a wool cherishing experience for you and your family. You can check the guide to know further about different styles of the rugs.

      Match With Your Room’s Décor

      When you are buying a rug, you should match it with the décor of your room. It is necessary to make your room or the specific area cozy & comfy. Also, the selection can make the area delicate. Persian rugs are available in the shades that are easy to match with the muted knots neutrals & earth tones. Persian rugs are available in the shades that are easy ways to clean persian rugs. These submissive shades are best for the areas having nude color. A Persian carpet can highlight an area having Scandinavian, shabby chic, farmhouse, and coastal interiors. Still, you can see the versatility in vibrant blues & rich reds. These shades are best for saturated and vivid colors. Glam, traditional, and Boho rugs are on the list. Before deciding anything regarding purchasing a carpet, think twice by taking your sense of style in the mind. Getting a neutral rug will be a good idea if you have a plan to change the overall interior. For example, you may have the Boho style of furnishing, but in the future, you have a plan to go for a woven shabby chic look.

      Select Durable Material

      Durability is something you should prefer when checking the list of how to buy a Persian rug. Different materials are used to make Persian carpet and all of them are not of good quality. For instance, wool carpet can be the best choice for a living room. They can bear heavy traffic, infants, and cup spills. When it comes to silk, it serves as the center of attention for people. The strong element of silk permits to enhance patterns & designs. It is difficult and time-taking to clean this stuff. So, you should buy it for the low traffic area. It can be your bedroom or office. Also, if you don’t want people to ruin your rug buy stepping on it, then we have a solution of wool. Give your wall a tapestry appearance by hanging on it. One more option that will also be budget-friendly for you is Polyester. It looks bright and feels soft, but comes with a shortcoming. It fades easily and not much durable. Still, if you are a fan of Polyester stuff and you want to get one, then get it for the low traffic area.

      Use Right Rug Pad To Protect Your Rug

      A rug pad will assist you in keeping your carpet safe for a long time. Using a quality rug pad can help your rug to become more durable. It will help in reducing tear & wear woven and absorbing friction. Do you have a natural dyes Persian knots rug? Get a rug pad that is made with natural dyes materials.

      Set Realistic Expectations

      Having realistic expectations is one of the most important factors when you are thinking about to buy a Persian rug carpet. When you see a carpet in a magazine and it attracts you, then you would like to get it. In such a situation, you have to be realistic that there can be a slight difference in the color of that specific carpet. There is the possibility that the carpet that you saw in a celebrity house can be the sole piece. Also, it may cost more than your budget. So, don’t close your heart for other colors, shapes, and styles. Visit the market or a trusted online store of carpet and explore different amazing wool carpet. It may happen that you find a better rug than your expectations and fantasy.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Some of our visitors and customers are curious and they would like to know more about Persian carpet. They still have the element of curiosity. We get lots of queries through our e-mail and comments. So, we are going to answer some of these queries. If you also have some queries in your mind, then you have made the right decision to visit our website. Here, you will get answers to all your questions. In addition to it, you will get 24/7 customer service.

      What is The Best Persian Rug?

      A hand-knotted Persian rug is the best of all. Further, you can choose between various styles and materials. Wool Persian rug is preferred by the experts. Silk is the strong material and it can define the patterns & designs more accurately. Also, it makes the woven rug more attractive and luxurious. So, the best Persian rug also depends on your choice. If you are buying the carpet for a heavy traffic area, then wool Persian carpet is the best. On the contrary, if you want to purchase the carpet for a low traffic area, then the silk Persian rug is the best.

      Are Persian Rugs a Good Investment?

      Yes, the Persian rugs are a good source of investment. You can purchase a high-quality & wool durable rug for future investment and you will love it.

      How Long Do Persian Rugs Last?

      It is not an easy task to predict how long does a Persian carpet lasts. According to an idea, the best quality carpet will last for more than 100 years even if they are in use. Well, various factors play their role in this regard and measure it as per square inch.

      How Much Should do I Pay For a Persian Rug?

      The hand-woven Persian rug can get the price tag between the range of 1000 to 5000 dollars. This price is for the size of 6x9. There can be differences in the prices on the basis of material, origin, knot count, and oriental rugs. size. Consider these aspects when buying a carpet to know if the price is fair or not. All of the rugs have the price tags on them for knot count. You can also see their features to know if they deserve the written price or not. In case of any confusion, you can contact us anytime. We are always here to assist you in making the right choice of a square inch.

      Hopefully, you get answers to all your questions by reading this article. We have provided some tips that can be helpful for you and making your buying experience amazing. Get the most amazing rugs from RugKnots and keep connected with us to know more or visit our store having a wonderful collection of high-quality oriental rugs and knot count. Feel free to add more tips regarding how to buy Persian rug carpet and shop it, if you know more about this concern. Also, you can share your experiences of buying carpet and carpets with our readers in the comments below, we will love to read it.

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