Moroccan Rugs#

What are the Different Types of Moroccan Rugs?

Mona Sharif
Aesthetically pleasing, visually vibrant, and filled with symbolism – Moroccan Rugs are one of a kind. ‘Berber Rugs’ is another name for them that ...
Geometric Jute Rugs#

What You Know About Geometric Jute Rugs and What You Don't Know

Mona Sharif
If you want to give your home a more subtle, simple yet earthy look then Geometric Jute Rugs are the ones for you. Reaching on top of the ladder Ge...
Polypropylene Rugs#

Polypropylene Rugs Review – Everything You Need to Know

Mona Sharif
Are you looking for an easy to clean, cheap rug? How about a good old polypropylene rug? These rugs are cheap, super easy to maintain, and perfect ...
Shag Rugs#

The Pros and Cons of Using Shag Rugs

Alessandra Santos
With the growing carpet industry, many types of rugs have already made a momentous place in the world of rugs. However, one of many such rugs is Sh...
Buy Gabbeh Rugs#

Gabbeh Rugs vs. Bokhara Rugs - Home Décor Tips

Mona Sharif
Are you in search of Bokhara rugs? Are you looking to buy Gabbeh rugs? Are you unaware of how to style both rugs? If you are still unfamiliar with ...

How to Do Scandinavian Interior Design

Mona Sharif
At RugKnots, we promote Scandinavian design rugs. In this article, I am going to give you some useful information about how to do Scandinavian inte...
Overdyed Rugs#

Need a Brilliant Home Decor Tip? Buy Overdyed Rugs

Mona Sharif
Stuck with overdyed rugs but not sure how to decorate them in your room? Well, guess what? We all have been there! As we buy overdyed rugs in the U...
Area Rugs#

10 Ways to Place a Rug on Carpet in Winter 2020

Naheed Mir
“Winter is coming” may have become an iconic quote but at this time of the year, we can firmly say winter really is coming. The brisk and fresh air...
Area Rugs#

Make Education Interesting With Classroom Rugs

Alessandra Santos
Do you remember any specific thing from your elementary school classroom? There would be many things for sure – I remember a chart paper with fasci...
Area Rugs#

Rug Placement Guide- Fit Your Rug in a Suitable Space

Ryan Henry
Choosing a rug is only one part of the journey, finding it a suitable spot is another. Rug placement can be a daunting task, even more so than find...